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1This directory contains prebuilt emulator binaries that were generated by
2running the following command on a 64-bit Linux machine:
4  external/qemu/android/scripts/ \
5      --darwin-ssh=<host> \
6      --copy-prebuilts=<path>
8Where <host> is the host name of a Darwin machine, and <path> is the root
9path of this AOSP repo workspace.
11Below is the list of specific commits for each input directory used:
13external/qemu        357a4aa Verbose print: print a message indicating emulator killed by console kill
14external/qemu-android 2ee7107 goldfish_sync: reset sync device on reboot [device changes]
15external/gtest       f52a103 Revert "Disable the legacy gtest."
17Summary of changes:
19    $ cd external/qemu && git log --oneline --no-merges 306387b..357a4aa .
20        357a4aa Verbose print: print a message indicating emulator killed by console kill
21        b893a3a goldfish_sync: reset sync device on reboot [androidemu changes]
22        6c00852 Revert "Revert "build: Support upcoming Mingw update with libwinpthread support.""
23        aa3c012 [clipboard] Qt UI changes for clipboard sharing
24        1195339 Ignore lseek64 error when trying to increase file.
25        2dd033f Revert "build: Support upcoming Mingw update with libwinpthread support."
26        f35be3f Add emulator build id
27        a65892c Enhance -wipe-data to clean up more stale files
28        26f25d7 Revert "Facilitate upgrade of system images with -wipe-data"
29        cda9bd6 Add --qemu2-src-dir option.
30        fefd1e6 Remove internal QEMU networking options.
31        45ec3df Facilitate upgrade of system images with -wipe-data
32        57f8ade Correctly handle -version option
33        e28c4fc Add --qemu2-src-dir option.
34        fa7c181 Optional copy of linuxboot_dma.bin
35        447c642 build: Support upcoming Mingw update with libwinpthread support.
36        7cf7d14 Enable userdata encryption
37        8e9cce4 We should return bytes in no_read function.
38        f9d9bb2 [clipboard]  ClipboardPipe implementation
39        517143a [Temp] Comment out the protobuf code until prebuilts git repo creation
40        891638e [build] Add the studio_stats.proto to the build
41        0229fe8 [git] Add protoc-generated sources to gitignore
42        4e5af4c [build] Support .proto files in emulator build
43        bd4a013 [build] Create a script for prebuilts
44        7ca0b02 Launcher: try emulator/ directory for emulator binaries and libraries
45        48641bb win32: Minor fix for compilation error with upcoming Mingw update.
46        ab8de2c goldfish_sync: properly clean up sync objects
47        13f10a8 Keep config-host.h and config-target.h.
48        0af7ed3 Qemu1 command line option to bypass adb secure check
49        bd7c944 goldfish_sync/egl: revise 'extentions', cleanup
50        b34b9b4 Fix the wrong use of assert() in Egl code
51        919371d Add metrics to track usage of GPS and sensor features
52        b9363ef Search argv[0]'s directory for binaries and libraries as a fallback
53        0c055e3 goldfish_sync: more robust context creation/destruction
54        aa32f04 Listen IPv6 port when IPv4 is not available.
55        5f52122 Initial version of Emulator Controller app client
56        6747c8e AndroidPipe: make it easier to see pipe add/removes
57        e4ca323 Update for QEMU 2.7.0-rc4
58        d91d6f1 [build] Define a NDEBUG symbol for release builds
59        047068f [qemu1] Fix all 'unused variable' warnings for assert-only vars
60        a3232d1 [AndroidEmu] bugfix: Stop querying information when reporting metrics.
61        9651e21 Adb: Print a message indicating adb status
62        a59d83c Revert "Revert "Revert "[CTS] Deactivate sync for now"""
63        26ccad5 Revert "Revert "[CTS] Deactivate sync for now""
64        b5fb526 Fix emulator build
65        717a228 Revert "[CTS] Deactivate sync for now"
66        c35cee0 Fix windows build
67        9b9eae6 Fix regression in CTS.deqp.gles2.functional.negative_api.shader
68        9e5bd73 Make glGetShaderInfoLog always return a string with null termination
69        fc7583a Fix windows buildbot
70        33480e3 Add EGLImage clean up when guest process exits
71        8cceb9f Remove EglContext::attachImage
72        25d7912 [goldfish-sync] add function to query device existence
73        b9c0c97 [CTS] Deactivate sync for now
74        6308654 Implement EGL_KHR_fence_sync, EGL_ANDROID_native_fence_sync
75        2f5af3c SyncThread class: implement guest's fence fd waits
76        3706244 Camera: limit with and height of webcam frame to 1kx1k pixels
77        1862b42 Camera: Fix crash on mac
78        1c8efa3 Camera: handle incomplete message receive from guest
79        82f9a52 Misc changes in external/qemu to support QEMU2 snapshots
80        cb0a075 Fix build
81        ed50766 [CTS][camera] Tell CTS test that we allocated buffer
82        6e5ad25 FenceSyncInfo class: track GLsync objects on host
83        fc3a33e Add host-side EGL sync + GLESv3 support
84        77ace20 goldfish_sync androidemu/emugl integration
85        67fc1e2 Revert "Revert "Merge shader and program namespaces""
86        38cd8e6 Bind context before releasing GL resources
87        ad1a311 Revert "Merge shader and program namespaces"
88        dd0464f Refactor GL name manager
89        8a029bb Merge shader and program namespaces
90        4c3c7d2 Revert "Fix dEQP-GLES2.functional.negative_api.shader regression"
91        f1a9d47 Fix dEQP-GLES2.functional.negative_api.shader regression
92        3dc5957 [CTS][camera] Synchronize rcCreateColorBuffer
93        91ec896 Fix possible null pointer reference.
94        3d7564a Have the AVD use the historical initial orientation
95        53db228 Add a command-line option to wait for a debugger on launch
96        496e3dc [base] Add functions to detect an attached debugger
97        bcbdbb5 [GPU pipe] Make a variable accessed from multiple threads atomic
98        f6f2f01 [base] Make MessageChannel thread-proof
99        24c1f46 Fix windows build
100        be47487 Allow "hw.gpu.mode=on" in hardware config.ini
101        e9753c0 Decouple console from QEMU net/ stack.
102        eb7f277 AdbGuestPipe: disable TCP Nagle algorithm to reduce send() latency.
103        c265379 Fix memory leak in doCompressedTexImage2D
104        922c086 [qemu1][console] Add 'debug <tags>' console command
105        26510f2 [cmdline] Move debug options parsing into a separate function
106        081aa5d Fix crash in webcam due to qemud pipe protocol
107        170231d Include shaders in name manager
108        eaf9ed6 Enable console support code for QEMU2.
109        db7a820 SocketUtils: add socketSetNoDelay().
110        09fa3e7 AdbGuestPipe: Turn socket in non-blocking mode.
111        d13c7a8 Initialize host pipe services in qemu-setup.c
112        ad2ccb0 Enable new AdbGuestPipe code.
113        5687f9e Remove old adb-qemud / adb-server code.
114        a73da0d AdbDebugPipe: Implement the qemud:adb-debug pipe service.
115        cae2a42 AdbGuestPipe: new class to handle ADB guest pipe connections.
116        f56452d AdbHostListener: new class to handle ADB Server connections.
117        daee76f AdbHostServer: new convenience class.
118        c9c9bd7 SocketUtils_unittest.cpp: Fix flaky test on OS X.
119        f34264f android/base/: Rename TypeUtils.h to TypeTraits.h
120        5573495 base::Optional: Clarify documentation.
121        56d3521 Revert "Revert "[qemu1] Don't allow running the same AVD in multiple instances""
122        a6efe6e SocketUtils: Disallow SIGPIPE signal on socketSend().
123        cd262d2 [utils] Add a buffer char translation overload for a substring
124        7f479c0 [debug] Add a function to disable verbose logging
125        bb6e92c [base] Improve ScopedPtr's handling of template parameters
126        7e888c4 AndroidPipe: Remove const from service create() and load()
127        8809fe1 TestAndroidPipeDevice: Fix proper VmLock use.
128        15f1813 Copy ANGLE prebuilts to fix remote build.
129        baa472d Fix Werrors in decoder
130        0c086e3 [GL pipe] Make all race-prone variables atomic
131        69e802e Fix partition resize not being visible in guest
132        692af60 Fix formatting of new renderthread message
133        01f7986 [UI] Enable the virtual sensors keyboard shortcut.
134        a77f985 [metrics] Add selected renderer [androidemu, qemu1]
135        5602ad4 Get rid of unnecessary code paths in objectNameManager
136        5d31193 Separate the implementation of GL NameSpace
137        6770cb4 Fewer debug prints for GLESv1->2 translation
138        1be4dd5 Add flush to rcCloseColorBufferPuid
139        ffd153f [UI] Correct emulator's use of port numbers
140        1a36816 Android Pipe: Fix a copy/paste error with DEBUG_THROTTLE_PIPE
141        aa09151 Add AsyncSwap feature
142        c6329e4 Remove unnecessary console output
143        587c987 [UI] Update Emulator title to be clearer.
144        6257f8d UI: Remember the Cellular Network settings
145        23b1874 SocketUtils: Add socketGetPeerPort()
146        9846564 [Emulib] Distinguish between missing studio options file and field.
147        adbad7a [Emulib] Metrics: report the update channel selected by user.
148        8776bd8 Fix comments in gralloc pipe
149        53501e9 TestVmLock: Fix bug in release().
150        72322e3 Add pre-process pipe for gralloc memory cleanup
151        81d591e Fix debug prints in gl checksum
152        ad768a6 AndroidPipe et al: Generalize main-loop IO
153        d6225da Enable GL pipe corruption check
154        b39e555 [UI] Update the tooltip for drag-and-drop.
155        f504221 UI: Align widgets on the Virtual Sensors extended page
156        874a958 [UI] Add a tooltip indicating where files are copied.
157        0b41720 Run qemu2 unittests from
158        c6ba732 Add cross-platform file delete to System.
159        5690d28 [UI] Ensure the extended window closes on exit.
160        b4846d8 UI: Swap cellular "Data status" and "Signal strength"
161        94cbe1f Allow setting the network connection to LTE
162        7e85e3f Make OpenGL logger thread safe
163        ac1d237 [UI] Ensure non-skinned emulators rotate properly.
164        ada5f7e Fix crash when deleting non-existing textures
165        cbeb08a [UI] Reset phone position sliders when the phone position/orientation is reset
166        40dd9df [UI] Fix a rotation bug.
167        ae2f378 Only display SMP warning with -verbose / -debug-init
168        c1b785f We forgot to fill line when grow it at first time.
169        a94dca3 Remove internal QEMU -list-webcams option.
170        663d29d Add broadcast method for condition variables
171        11faaa5 [UI] Yet more zoom fixes.
172        1706124 Check for null args in command line parameters
173        24bb505 UI] Remove unneeded keyset code.
174        467126b [Emugl] Use ANGLE to validate and translate shaders.
175        bba4bb7 [Emugl] Add ANGLE static libraries prebuilt script.
176        0d1be00 65535 is a valid port.
177        9571590 Implement -help* directly in 'emulator'.
178        45dcf27 Fix the --mingw build.
179        c109e51 Enable -Werror on Linux and Windows.
180        5716d6b emugl: Remove compiler warning.
181        f6c0141 QEMU1 glue: Remove compiler warning.
182        271bda7 debug.c: Remove compiler warning + simplify.
183        297f87c [UI] Exit zoom properly.
184        c9b75e1 Remove obsolete options: -raw-keys, -keyset -help-keys
185        2277be8 Refactor opengles pipe service to use AndroidPipe.
186        2ad76d8 AndroidPipe: Fix multi-threading support.
187        12c61dc AndroidPipe: refactor Android pipe implementation.
188        4dc1d48 virtual pipe device: Fix subtle loading issue.
189        9721aeb VmLock: Refactor + introduce isLockedBySelf()
190        651ae8b qemu-common.h: Introduce qemu_mutex_check_iothread()
191        8712e93 console: Fix 'gsm hold' error message without parameter.
192        7092d0f Revert "Fix GL extension detection"
193        ac74f7d [Emulib] Fix adb executable lookup in AdbInterface.
194        3192687 [UI] Highlight invalid values in EditableSliderWidget
195        e2249a4 [Emulib] Simplify -port and -ports cli behaviour.
196        4d3667a [Emulib] Fix win32 path access functions.
197        b02ef34 Use the name 'Nougat' for API 24
198        638bc28 [crash] Fix a crash on Windows if the first command line arg is bad
199        3ebd016 Port OOO frames fix to all platforms
200        af5b45d [sensors] Set better limits for the sensors tick interval
201        c45495c [sensors] Speed up the QEMUD implementation
202        49d92e1 [ram] Limit the VM heap size to [minCTSHeap, min(ram/4, minCTSvmHeap*4)]
203        1a73042 Disable ipv6 to workaround a port number issue
204        69f23f6 Deprecate -gpu mesa.
205        9fad834 [crash] Fix a bad parameter to WriteFile() that crashed on Win7
206        54ea49d android_pipe_device.h: Add AndroidPipeHwFuncs::resetPipe() function.
207        53d3e6c AndroidPipe: Better pipe function names.
208        13c2f1d Fix the Play/pause button on the D-Pad
209        046a04b Fix AdbInterface unit tests.
210        2e7968e [GLES1->2] Properly separate entry points / internal calls
211        f01b046 [GLES1->2] Load GLES1->2 translator if no GLESv1 support
212        d041fbb [GLES1->2] Maintain consistent set of GLESv2 functions
213        d22237d [GLES1->2] Create and maintain emulated GLESv1 contexts.
214        6443fbe [GLES1->2] Add GLES1->2 translation entry points and link them
215        be83b31 [GLES1->2] Implement glEGLImageTargetTexture2DOES
216        cdb1254 [GLES1->2] Remove unused mutex.h
217        dcbffb2 [GLES1->2] Put back the usage of RefBase/StrongPointer
218        af26560 [GLES1->2] Add debug prints
219        81cfc2f [GLES1->2] Reformat api_entries and angle_gles2 struct
220        7dc0c2b [GLES1->2] Add translator interface functions
221        c2215b8 [GLES1->2] Move underlying_apis.h and angle_gles2.h
222        12df4d4 [GLES1->2] Put back ARC's RefBase / StrongPointer
223        421fc76 [GLES1->2] Debug print interface
224        dfa2b06 [GLES1->2] Add ARC's GLES1->2 translator
225        6816a8c Fix windows build
226        bd17143 Release GPU memory when destroying ShareGroup
227        48fa2e0 Sensors UI changes
228        f34d800 Remove a #define shadow in thread/Types.h
229        4122ed1 Add a new flag to disable scale.
230        53f6dc3 [UI] Re-add "custom ADB" functionality.
231        d8c931e Use -partition-size parameter if specified
232        6ce68e7 Add Darwin case for Swiftshader prebuilt installing
233        da572b0 Android Pipe: Separate host and device headers.
234        34c4c1b [Filelock] Fix the Windows filelock to take care of PID reuse
235        7ee8483 [Filelock] Rename filelock.c -> .cpp
236        8e2c8b3 [Emulib] Drop obsolete test.
237        28ba02c [AndroidEmu] Reduce the supported ADB port range.
238        18ac297 Delete GPU buffers when glDeleteBuffers is called
239        80cb7b4 [qemu1] Tweak GPU "guest" initialization.
240        ca5770f [UI] Zoom fixes (part 1)
241        86ab00a [UI] Fix the "cancel" functionality for file copy.
242        77eeb7e [Main] Fixing qemu flags off-by-1 parsing bug.
243        8617dc4 [Main] Improve error message when kernel file is missing.
244        7d31d73 Loose AVD screen size limitation a little.
245        d4af31a [adb] Add the serial argument to emulator-issued adb calls.
246        a81305a Respect KVM_DEVICE_NAME_ENV in a consistent way.
247        df92cbe Fix the sensors QEMU driver to be faster and reliable for CTS
248        bc7d7e7 [Emulib] Allow sending SMS to oneself.
249        110917e Tweaks to new debug print functions
250        f8e2626 [UI] Use C locale in EditableSliderWidget
251        7d92c7c Tweak early DWORD definition
252        6a89354 Make rendercontrol use common debug print library
253        6759392 Fix build on Windows (due to missing DWORD in early files)
254        7a39a2c More debug printing functions
255        733b98d [UI] "Enable" validation on editable slider widget.
256        ba2cedf Fix build on OSX when in debug renderControl mode
257        b821eba Crash on exit in Accelerometer3DWidget
258        0a3953a Add a "gsm signal-profile" command
259        9298738 Revert "[qemu1] Don't allow running the same AVD in multiple instances"
260        b090983 [UI] Align "Virtual Sensors" button with others.
261        8ebef04 Expose the new gsm signal feature in the Qt UI
262        008c71b Fix help outline icon on Retina
263        cfcd28f Limit magnetometer values
264        dd68872 Do not try to reset rotation in VirtualSensorsPage ctor.
265        478d341 [emugl] RenderThread.h: Remove obsolete m_lock field.
266        72deaf7 [emugl] TextureDraw: Remove unused EGLDisplay member.
267        0557f62 EGLDispatch.cpp: Remove compiler warning.
268        749e111 sockets.c: Remove Win32 compiler warning.
269        50334ba CrashService_common.cpp: Fix Win32 compiler warning.
270        80adcf4 camera-capture-windows.cpp: Fix unitialized variable.
271        a7894dd Thread_win32.cpp: Fix getCurrentThreadId()
272        ca86aef Random.cpp: Remove Win32 compiler warning.
273        508958f android/proxy/proxy_common.c: Remove compiler warning.
274        e1c66db Fix the build (remove a non-existent variable use)
275        ee05f98 Sync accelerometer widget and rotation buttons
276        6466b44 [debug purposes] +Which renderthreads start/exit
277        c7f1b17 [qemu1] Don't allow running the same AVD in multiple instances
278        dcffbe6 Use fallback ReadWriteLock on some WINE version.
279        94d2981 Fix some icons on Retina
280        62bd7ee Fix displaying of GLWidget
281        b22ec08 Show a notice for failed getVersion test on wine.
282        0aaafa1 Add a work around for ftruncate on mingw-w64/wine
283        1c55b09 Clean up GLDecoderContextData - use vector for a bytes buffer
284        7b7db04 Disable some flaky ReadWriteLock tests on WINE
285        25f1a80 [UI] Add help links to light, pressure and magnetic field sensors
286        ae6dec0 Fix broken runCommand on wine.
287        046f39e Add buttons to reset accelerometer control to certain orientations
288        35f44bc Remove unnecessary visibleRegion() check from GLWidget
289        9a0a0a9 Limit the range of movement in the 3D accelerometer control
290        19ce472 Make generated encoder compatible with c++98
291        84a1d17 Update phone texture to show Android home screen
292        0935055 Add recordable_android egl config attribute
293        5a24004 Don't put ignored textureresize message in stderr
294        839ac1b Move sockets.c out of baselib, it depends on other
295        52685d6 qemu1: -show-kernel: Correct kmesg SerialLine initialization
296        5be494b Update EGL API header to v1.5
297        d6a7410 Null check + eglerror logging for extension getting
298        834dc52 Correctly handle process spawn failure on Windows
299        f3a4a35 [qemu1] fix a buffer overflow in inet_parse()
300        ac86be7 Allow recursive GrallocSync locking.
301        fcc374f Fix gl encoder generator
302        7157c77 [crash] Fix crash on exit in skin/file.c
303        fb8e01a Fix and reactivate GrallocSync
304        525cddc Refactor and improve KML parsing.
305        3832f4b Fix black screen on rotation with GPU=off
306        3194e55 Revert "Turn on GrallocSync feature."
307        0daa236 Also listen on IPv6 address in slirp_redir.
308        2b1cfc5 +documentation for GrallocSync
309        bbee517 Get rid of oldGlobal in textures
310        f20b3f4 Add texture reference counter to GLES1
311        063c1da Fix CTS breakage in EGL texturing
312        2b30c93 Fix stencil buffer problem
313        761e129 Fix Win32 LDLIBS
314        0fbd44c AndroidEmu: Move skin_network_xx variables to main-common.c
315        67e87e4 Fix Win32 LDLIBS
316        d5815a3 Remove obsolete -qemu -ui-port <port> option.
317        4e7bd8c android/network/globals.h: network-related global variables.
318        a4a6b28 AndroidEmu: provide default SerialLine implementation.
319        6219d46 Avoid lingering "hover" after emulated touch
320        8495af1 Turn on GrallocSync feature.
321        bebbcb1 [warn] Downgrade AVD ram-related messages to debug prints
322        050a537 Per system image feature control
323        7becd6d Use QPlainTextEdit instead of QTextBrowser
324        9880998 [Emulib] Fix adb file push remote path.
325        3eaadd5 [Emulib] Add array bounds check in EmulatorQtWindow::dropEvent.
326        14c026a [Emulib] Leak filelock mutex on exit to avoid crash.
327        12aeb2c Fix out of order webcam frames
328        92f2b8d [UI] Check mBackingSurface before access.
329        f669b90 Null pointer check in glXGetFBConfigs
330        d781e55 Fix GL extension detection
331        ae105b3 Fix a broken unit test in FeatureControl
332        97c2bc0 console: Validate GPS ranges.
333        55343f9 Qemu1: resize userdata-qemu.img if requested
334        35f4ff9 [Cmdline] Deprecate the "-no-skin" flag.
335        45afb3d [warnings] Clean some warnings in the feature control test
336        3ba8973 [emulation] Add a console authentication to remote gsm commands
337        a323bd1 Suppress warnings when user feature control ini does not exist
338        f3a4560 Fix the 'rotate' console command
339        52d8e38 Add a few Linux GPU driver info detection unit tests.
340        833ccaa Fix ne2k network issue under heavy load.
341        efcd3e7 Feature control test
342        db529a6 [UI] Make "always on top" affect the extended window.
343        af3cc15 Add feature control component
344        9dafee4 Revert "Revert "Minor fixes in the Location page""
345        51cddae Revert "Minor fixes in the Location page"
346        a6dc730 [crash] Fix crash on exit caused by double-free
347        8e17f00 Minor fixes in the Location page
348        2aea395 android/utils/sockets.c: Support Linux abstract socket namespace.
349        da27ffe Add -unix-pipe <path> option and re-implement Unix pipes.
350        929d859 Fix altitude input validation on non-U.S. locales
351        b4b30ab [Emulib] Force a last tick before flushing sealing metrics file.
352        0ec0067 [doc] Added an update about TCG thread-unsafety to the PipeWaker
353        ff689d8 Fix segfault when starting 3DMark
354        087de3a Remove ugly focus rectangle from buttons
355        c87b1e5 Fix location coordinate inputs on non-US locales
356        ee52ce1 [gl] Fix a crash on glActiveTexture() call for GLES2
357        b1e2a25 [gl] Rearrange members of GLESpointer to get rid of padding
358        f251850 Only check snapshot if AVD parameter specified
359        2bfceb6 [UI] Fix file copy for missing remote Downloads directory.
360        a6cdc19 Added support for some console commands before auth
361        0a6bc73 Fix console bannner line endings
362        d70614c Emulator console requires authentication
363        2c91655 Handle hw.sdCard=no with sdcard.size > 0
364        4bafa6c Enable arm32 support on qemu2
365        ac4c7f4 Add more texture format checks to pass dEQP
366        8d4285b Add a reference counter for external textures
367        ff98602 Add AutoWriteLock/AutoReadLock
368        8fbe141 Remove ATI workaround to pass CTS
369        c136226 [build] fix the mac build
370        c101727 [style] Remove all pointer initializations of ptr(NULL) style
371        3a22944 [emugl] Replace the last map with hash map, remove linear search
372        2ac04f3 [emugl] Get rid of multimap in ObjectNameManager
373        01f867d [emugl] Replaced all maps with plain keys with hashes
374        2a3d335 [emugl] Replace list with vector and map with hash in EglDisplay
375        2b29c8f Add reader/writer locking primitives
376        9e7ff02 [gl] Fix the pipe wake/close calls for Qemu1
377        287abd4 [gl] Fix a race on mState in RenderChannelImpl
378        323610a [base] Implement Vista+ condition variable and dynamic selection
379        ce637a5 [tests] Fix the AdbInterface-related tests
380        52dc530 [base] Remove the PodVector class
381        8f03c6d Disable crashservice startAttachWaitTimeout test
382        f5d4b95 Fix build on Windows
383        adee620 Fix buggy format_ip6 and add an unittest for it.
384        b81908c Fix GLWidget anti-aliasing
385        1ae784a [] Run qemu2-specific and 32-bit tests on rebuild
386        d19eb76 Use AdbInterface to run "adb shell stop"
387        3708286 ADB Machinery refactoring, part III
388        03b920f ADB Machinery Refactoring, Part II
389        2c1f3b1 qobject/json-lexer.c: Remove compiler warnings.
390        889c765 disas/: Remove compiler warnings.
391        e5e0baf glib-mini: Remove compiler warning.
392        54ca8c6 android/openssl-support.cpp: Remove compiler warning
393        4cbfc2e emugl: Remove compiler warning about unused variable assignment.
394        dd1d228 android/base/Optional.h: Provide default initialization value.
395        dd8f2ee emugl: Remove compiler warning.
396        599d6f9 [gl] Fix a crash in opengl initialization
397        08fce2d Fix dEQP shader replace source test
398        2bcc17e Disable gl pipe lock to improve FPS
399        b67af08 [gl] Remove the code that isn't used anymore
400        a40a95b Update internal texture data in glTexImage2D only with mipmap level 0
401        5948810 [qemud] Optimize new message adding in Qemud
402        72429c1 ADB machinery refactoring, part I
403        e80da33 Fix wrong parameter in partition config
404        bda20e4 [crash] Fix bad format string in partition_config
405        a568955 Fix -sdcard help message.
406        9d497c4 Don't build Android support.
407        43c28bb [gl] Fix a wrong comparison in GenericOutputBuffer<>
408        67ad7c0 [ui] Display the current GPS location
409        3a4248e [gl] Make the RenderLib destructor virtual
410        5c6cc42 [build] Fix Mac build - allow unqiue_ptr to delete a class
411        86ee2f9 dEQP: Generate gl error for glGenerateMipmap
412        24e7230 Copy the glTexSubImage2D checks to GLES 1
413        cea3be4 [gl] Opengles pipe implementation with RenderingChannel
414        d3ffcae [gl] Updated the emulator with new emugl library interface
415        6105b79 [gl] Implementation of the new emugl interface
416        1bd2d4e [gl] New opengl rendering library interface
417        b11dbbd Fix out-of-order frames on Windows
418        63bddb9 Fix -logcat and -shell options for x86 AVDs with API level < 14
419        9203bcd Remove obsolete internal QEMU1 options.
420        3396bbf [ui] Have the Help page display its first tab first
421        33aaefe [ui] Correct GPS string that is sent to device
422        3b9ea2d More checks in glTexSubImage2D for dEQP
423        9560dd1 [build] Fixed MessageChannel UT after an interface change
424        a99f366 [Emulib] Add user actions to metrics.
425        2504007 [Qt] Add object to count number of "user actions".
426        47e9986 [Emulib] Allow multiple callbacks in CrashReporter.
427        03488dc Fix dEQP tests in compressedTexImage2d
428        50958ef [crash] Fix crash in android_gps_send
429        bf7a825 [base] Fix Optional::emplace()
430        5ef2e13 [base] Add stop() function to MessageChannel
431        cea87e1 [base] Make the launcher wait for the engine on Ctrl-C on Windows
432        eb1234c [base] Add AutoLock::lock() method
433        2417295 [gl] Use stack memory for realigning the gl buffers if possible
434        ddfdb6a [gl] Rename the opengles.c to .cpp
435        7a34c7f [gl] Renamed hw-pipe-net to .cpp
436        5331c44 [UI] Don't construct the extended window on boot.
437        2b8e593 [base] Add move support to MessageChannel
438        2f74367 [UI] Use the resize timer for Linux.
439        4aa77dc Make platform builds use 'auto' GPU emulation mode by default.
440        7bd6522 android/android-emugl.h: Simplify GPU emulation setup code.
441        4966bbf emulator: Fix platform-build run
442        541f007 AndroidEmu: Support kernel command-line generation for QEMU2.
443        98fc018 Fix double-send of shortcut keys to the device
444        b3fafa4 Respect preset env when looking for qt plugin dir.
445        80dc514 Clean up the pipe corruption comment
446        4173acb Document/clean up pipe corruption fix
447        405357d Select classic engine if snapshot is required in avd config
448        8b82112 [UI] Translate mouse wheel scrolling into vertical swipes
449        6652112 [GPS] Fix altitude formatting
450        c2e03c5 Enable multitouch in QEMU2 for older system images
451        5473012 [UI] Clean up some extended window logic.
452        5071855 [UI] Always allow the screenshot flash.
453        811298c -qemu2_(send|recv)_all +EINTR_WRAPPER
454        8d0d465 [UI] Make multitouch center around the device screen.
455        db19e19 [sensors] Ensure proper formatting of sensor values
456        46c13e2 [crash] Fix a crash on DPad page
457        d3b313b Make multitouch input more stable.
458        d16427d [crash] Fix a crash caused by loading a GPX with no coordinates
459        49624a3 Use unique_ptr for cleanup in ExtendedWindow
460        e6182d2 [Emulib] Set errno before socket operations.
461        517f98e Make the device model movable and compute according accelerometer values
462        48282f9 [emugl] Removed the unneeded files
463        fffb020 [emugl] Got rid of SmartPtr - it's shared_ptr now
464        0894e9b [emugl] Replace all emugl copies of base library with base versions
465        854adf7 [base] Add auto-joining to the pthread implementation of Thread
466        e2b133d [build] Emugl - support the android-emu-base usage
467        ba15203 [build] Moved the looper code from emu-base to emu library
468        ae67afc emugl: Minor build files cleanup.
469        1cf2d5a [Emulib] Add FilePusher to 'adb push' files.
470        a1d9760 [leaks] Delete the Ui:: classes for ExtendedWindow and toolbar
471        e019282 [UI] Ensure the zoom overlay hides when not active.
472        8dc7454 [UI] Ensure the multitouch overlay is shown correctly.
473        9d4a56d [leaks] One more leak in metrics
474        67dd87d [leak] Fix a leak in timezone.cpp I introduced yesterday
475        d4ff49b [render] Reduce memory usage, fix string length in ShaderParser
476        5234666 Add debug output for device rotation.
477        469491f [UI] Conditionally disable the D-Pad and fingerprint UIs
478        6ef8e7b [leaks] Fix some small random memory leaks
479        5985df9 [leaks] Fix handleCpuAcceleration() to return the error string
480        6247c15 [leaks] Free the thread's looper on thread exit (qemu1)
481        89a1db5 [debug] Fixed ThreadInfo debug messages
482        f5e2acf [leaks] Fix two quite large memory leaks
483        231e3a4 [base] Add a custom scoped pointer typedef + factory function
484        5c60b1a one more regression fix in snapshot
485        c3905b8 Default LCD depth to 16 bit
486        20782fd [Emulib] Add object for RAII based subscriptions.
487        d6bdec0 Fix dEQP-GLES2.usecases.* drawing in wrong order
488        ebb979a [UI] Enable the arrow keys regardless of D-pad.
489        42894f3 [Emulib] Logging improvements.
490        774247f [Emulib] RecurrentTask should be |stop|able from the callback.
491        97e42ae [Skin] Get rid of the "raw keys" mode for keyboard input.
492        6726d7d Fix AdbInterface unit-test under Wine.
493        5957992 QEMU1: Move generation of ndns=<count> kernel parameter.
494        9c3dd44 android/utils/dns.h: Add android_dns_get_servers().
495        9960180 AndroidEmu: Fix kernel parameter options handling.
496        3b77e0c Clarify string ownership for AndroidOptions and AndroidHwConfig.
497        5a57581 [emulator-check] Add a check for desktop environment
498        888e86e Parse GLSL ES shaders a little bit
499        499066d [build] Add the full namespace name to the use of StringView
500        03c78fb [emulator-check] Add CPU bittness to the cpu-info query
501        f0f44f4 snapshot: fix regression in qemu1
502        70f76e2 [emulator-check] Allow multiple queries at once
503        34d45ef [emulator-check] Added a window manager query
504        f295537 [emulator-check] Fix the help message
505        4071ec6 [emugl] Delete the shaders in TextureResize
506        0408666 [UI] Add better error reporting for the GPS playback table.
507        2d50dba [emulator-check] create a subfolder for the emulator-check
508        537cf2c [RenderThread] Better debug logging - number of thread + exiting
509        23c7e81 [crash] Fix crash in Accelerometer3DWidget dtor
510        95742c8 [emugl-Thread] Make sure every thread is joined
511        30d5fc3 [RenderServer] Fix a crash and modernize the code
512        c060a76 [UI] Fix AdbInterface parsing.
513        6fc02cc AndroidEmu: Fix for -qemu options parsing.
514        65c1311 [Metrics] Fix the crash on exit in IniFileAutoFlusher
515        7f39dd2 Reformat checksum message
516        a5dad27 [update-check] Store the last update check time per emulator version
517        b399f1a [update-check] Use the full version with build suffix
518        65f8611 [update-check] Fixed a typo in a warning message
519        fba4448 [Ui] Show the update channel for the latest available version
520        543b34e [update-check] Updated the used repository.xml to v2.1
521        1397560 [UpdateCheck] Support build and update channels in UpdateChecker
522        325f41b [adb] Begin ripping adb logic out of tool window
523        e8e77ff Accelerometer controls
524        8470421 [base] Add IniFile::makeValidKey()
525        f40681c [UT] Fixed the GPU info parsing unit test
526        f114ec7 [base] New convenience functions for map/set lookups
527        e982481 Clean up windows gpu driver DLLs parsing.
528        c06c8e5 Avoid infinite loop when parsing GPU driver info on Windows.
529        59351e6 Enable -report-console without configurable ports
530        acd3f82 Move -port and -ports parsing into functions
531        a83c397 Move QEMU1 GLES-related kernel parameter generation to AndroidEmu.
532        2ef34bc Fix Gingerbread framebuffer display.
533        b2efede Move QEMU1 kernel parameter generation from vl-android.c to AndroidEmu.
534        e49e233 ParameterList: Add addFormat() / addFormatRaw() / addFormatWithArgs().
535        f213df6 Fix typo in -bootchart option handling.
536        d13eaa7 [avd] Const-correctness and no exit()-s in info.c
537        11f92e0 Remove "Drawer" window hint from the tool window.
538        0053b51 [emulib] android::studio::updateChannel() function
539        68f1457 [base] Add default constructor to the Version class
540        716886e [UI] More dead code cleanup.
541        1f6003e [UI] Remove dead skinning functions.
542        00c1991 [UI] Remove the unused SkinRegion and SkinScaler structs.
543        e5859c6 [emulib] Rename and cleanup the Studio configuration access
544        d676387 [base] Add string size calculation function to ArraySize.h
545        1c7d003 [qt] Move the Qt default initialization into a separate function
546        d34cecd [base] Make ScopedPtr to be std::unique_ptr's alias
547        80953aa Fix Mac display issue when changing display
548        17f4fee [Emulib] Actually initialize the adb qemud service.
549        94b6e35 Fix Swiftshader 16-bit when on named skins
550        70039cd [UI] Close the extended window when closing the emulator.
551        3f9a869 [Emulib] Add unittest for resize2fs.
552        9c8f158 Fix unit tests for removal of config.enabled (-gpu guest)
553        5a66d40 Remove async GPU blacklist unittest.
554        6e979e0 Make -gpu guest close to same path as -gpu off.
555        70514d6 [base] ARRAY_SIZE macro+arraySize() function in a separate file
556        1f485ba [UI] Add proper validation for altitude values.
557        3c9eb36 [base] Fix Dave's comments about Optional<>
558        854385a [base] Add System::isRunningUnderWine()
559        7c2347f VmLock: New helper class to deal with VM global mutex locking.
560        d913ef1 AsyncSocketServer: new helper class.
561        e3d595c Looper: remove pending FdWatch instances when disabled from callbacks.
562        0321f77 SocketUtils: Add socketSendAll() and socketRecvAll().
563        2e768bc ScopedSocketWatch: new helper class.
564        9974de2 [UI] Add an error message for API < 14 screenshots.
565        59cfd52 Fix bad pointer crash on FbConfigList::chooseConfig
566        f687e2e Limit time taken to query GPU info.
567        7f38829 [libOpenglRender] Fix potential segfault in RenderControl
568        fa91fa5 [UI] Fix minimize on some Linux systems.
569        af6e307 Add license information to the Help page
570        76ea380 Fix mesa segfault on startup.
571        8a735a4 Fix typing '2' instead of '@' on 'shift' up first
572        6889db1 Fix emulator rendering problem when sleeping and waking windows
573        02930a0 [Emulib] Redirect stdin in runCommand.
574        3b649ae Allow -gpu angle. (Copy ANGLE from prebuilts)
575        fd69638 Don't use boot animation when -gpu=angle.
576        a7657cc Allow a OpenGL backend to be missing GLESv1.
577        7570a4c Use GLESv2 not GLESv1 to get exts.
578        a753882 Move network-related constants to android/network/constants.[hc]
579        524550c Pressing volume up/down quickly hangs the emulator
580        42996da [emu-check] Add a cpu-info query for emulator-check
581        395a520 [base] Fix the optional assignment - once and for all
582        2c3fed2 Revert "Revert "Revert "[base] Created a new Optional<> class"""
583        8547d44 Revert "Revert "[base] Created a new Optional<> class""
584        8518473 Revert "[base] Created a new Optional<> class"
585        521bd72 [base] Created a new Optional<> class
586        ae0a849 [base] Add a new is_template_instantiation<> type trait
587        7404011 SocketUtils.cpp: Remove obsolete structure definition.
588        5051cdc android/utils/sockets.h: Fix sock_address_init_in6()
589        43c6567 ADB: Listen for host ADB server connections on both ::1 and
590        380abd6 Add 'ipv6' parameter option to -report-console
591        5847836 Report startup messages to the UI using ::1 if possible.
592        400157c android/console.c: Listen on both ::1 and interfaces.
593        58eb6cf android/utils/sockets.h: Add IPv6-related functions.
594        6f5a2eb SocketUtils: Add IPv6-related functions.
595        3cb42ff Default 32-bit color software rendering
596        a3a8917 Enable pipe for adb qemu communication.
597        2ba31d7 Fix a Mac UTs
598        9d2bad0 Ensure GLWidget handles moving between screens properly
599        5fec404 [build-break] Enable C++14 on Mac
600        9c789e5 [base] Small improvements to StudioHelper's version parsing
601        3c33546 [base] Add 'build' field to android::base::Version
602        a5f3654 [UI] Fix minimize on Linux Ubuntu.
603        60dded8 [UI] Manually ignore maximize events.
604        0542c87 [base] Added a convenience overload to async() call
605        cb680f3 [base] Added new type trait is_callable<>
606        c744a94 Fix spacing in slider widget
607        ebf848d Fix GLWidget initialization on Mac
608        f75c56f [UI] Fix a subwindow misalignment on OS X.
609        5195a5e Fix QEMU1 not booting due to HAX disabled
610        c91f84b [Emulib] Add System::pathFileSize.
611        ebf4755 [UI] Cleanup in EmulatorQtWindow and ToolWindow.
612        bcffb1e Enable SIGCHLD on Darwin to fix QProcess exits
613        631c62d [Emulib] Add more error parsing to ApkInstaller.
614        75ed538 [Emulib] Fix re-entry crash in ScreenCapturer.
615        9a9c031 [UI] Update adb version regex.
616        188855b [base] Add constexpr support to StringView
617        865ce88 Move QEMU1 build of QEMU options to AndroidEmu.
618        ba98cb9 AndroidEmu: Add UI-related command-line option parsing code.
619        a797364 android-common.h: Remove declarations of internal functions.
620        9b2992c main-common.c: Preparatory changes for QEMU2
621        1a2e4d6 Move command-line parsing code to main-common.c
622        4879e4a handleCommonEmulatorOptions: Remove exit() calls.
623        28328aa main-common-ui.h: Remove two obsolete declarations.
624        15756eb Emugl: Dont exit render server when accept has hiccups
625        dafe96c Fix build breakage
626        0783d5f [Emulib] Fixes a crash in ApkInstaller.
627        7efe5dc Add a widget that displays a 3D model of a phone
628        68c55b1 [Emulib] Add inFlight() method to RecurrentTask.
629        4a1340f [Emulib] Fix System::runCommand file output on Windows.
630        5c0d905 Add a simple parser for a subset of wavefront OBJ
631        b3192b7 Refactor min heap size enforcement
632        704f06f [base] Implement memmem with std::search for Win32
633        310d0ef [base] Added a join() function to join array into single string
634        aa0b7fb [UI] Remove unused battery state member.
635        f967d9b [Emulib] Fix temproot for Screencapture_unittest
636        cb8b505 [Emulib] Refactor drag-and-drop install implementation.
637        b514bfa [Emulib] Disabled flaky test.
638        66af502 Revert "[AndroidEmu] Temporarily disable AdbLivenessChecker."
639        2e390e7 [Emulib] Detach threads for android::base::async.
640        4294082 [WIP] [Emulib] Use posix_spawn for runCommand on OSX.
641        d2be2ce [Emulib] Bug fixes and cleanups in System::runCommand.
642        4ac7ac2 Fix formatting in hw-lcd
643        1b7a10c Enforce minimum vm size according to CDD
644        d6bafcb Call crash service in GL checksum
645        ec28a20 [Emulib] Clean up ScreenCapturer error messages.
646        05d08dc [Emulib] Refactor screen capture implementation.
647        9ef6c3f [QuickFix] windows breakage caused by checksum threads
648        773008d Revert "[OSX] Change the menu bar and minimized name."
649        06a3497 [System] Give System::runCommand an output file.
650        1dddf5e Removing debug strip option from build-mesa script
651        8c863aa Updating breakpad patches
652        1e27282 Parallelize symbol upload script
653        9a96f35 Move linux link to
654        de10c08 Move prebuilt copying to emulator make step
655        ea48461 Remove linux x86 from prebuilt architectures
656        1be44f2 Remove prebuilt strip and sym build, add dSYM
657        237d84c Add debug info files to gradle build
658        c77b0b7 Store debug info for archival during build flow
659        d30817a Removing unnecessary local build symbols variable
660        aa5450c Removing prebuilt symbols from build flow
661        0209f82 Checksum for GLES messages from host to guest
662        49fcb98 Qt UI - remove some class-type globals
663        3a9c7d5 Correctly parse the N api level
664        4fd7523 OpenGL timestamps.
665        3913a7d [Crash] Fix a garbage value used in TextureResize (one of 100)
666        a4d2cb8 Checksum for GL pipe communication
667        4df4997 Build 32-bit ARM QEMU2 engine by default.
668        25b1c34 build: Remove linux-x86 from the list of default host architectures.
669        6a8ceaf Darwin remote build: Properly clean remote build directory.
670        bd9200e [ui] Allow user to 'copy' text from Help : About
671        6577421 Update Help:About to show how ADB can find this device
672        e4f90b7 main-emulator.cpp: Fix crash ANDROID_SDK_ROOT is not defined.
673        3bb58d5 [UI] Warn users if their ADB version < 23.1.
674        b714035 skin: Remove unused |generic_event| callback.
675        4cdadcd qemu-setup.c: Remove exit() calls.
676        ae2d8c3 qemu-setup.c: Improve -report-console handling.
677        40daa86 Rename control_console_start() to android_console_start()
678        f0c7202 qemu-setup.c: Small refactoring.
679        e90fc58 Remove support for dynamic skins
680        b58d252 [ui] Rename control to "Send keyboard shortcuts to"
681        8d7f748 [UI] Change multitouch from Alt to Ctrl (Cmd on OSX).
682        25219ce [ui] Support more API versions in "Help : About" (for 2.0)
683        5110804 [UI] Update the "grab keyboard focus" setting.
684        9882727 Fix segfault on startup when GPU info badly parses
685        265b425 [libOpenGLESDispatch] Fix mipmap generation in GLES 2
686        cc6f203 snapshot: rename snapshot_print_and_exit()
687        f423184 AConfig: Add a little const-ness to functions.
688        fa1c973 Generate LINK-* files for upstream build.
689        1560007 [ui] Ensure that the extended window is fully visible
690        988ae90 android/: Remove android::base::StringVector usage.
691        1f56cf1 PathUtils: Remove StringVector usage.
692        172a108 Remove android::base::String implementation
693        b1ec287 Make StringVector an alias for std::vector<std::string>.
694        96ac2c6 android/opengl/: Remove android::base::String usage.
695        daf716a CrashReport: Remove android::base::String usage.
696        f7fbb8e android::base::System: Remove android::base::String usage.
697        7f64529 Win32Utils: Remove android::base::String usage.
698        23ab35f PairUpWearPhone: Remove android::base::String usage.
699        7c46df8 android/base/: Misc android::base::String removal
700        06c08e4 android::base::PathUtils: Remove android::base::String usage.
701        0c2f885 android/base/String.h: Add std::string copy operations.
702        f447341 android/: Remove android::base::String usage.
703        d4911b8 android/qt/: Remove android::base::String usage.
704        fa95bc1 android/skin/: Remove android::base::String usage.
705        ec5b3df android/utils/: Remove most android::base::String usage.
706        cda27ca android/windows_installer.cpp: Remove android::base::String usage.
707        038b2cf StringUtils: Add strContains() and strDup()
708        d05955f Revert "Check invalid pointers before sending them to glDraw*"
709        503339d Revert "On Windows and Mac, check invalid pointers before glDraw*"
710        dea5d91 [UI] Removing more dead skinning code.
711        ff54f3f android/console.h: Introduce AndroidConsoleAgents.
712        a13b4a5 emugl: windows: Refactor device context handling.
713        9411a56e emugl: Remove EglOS::Display::release() method.
714        92e44ff [UI] Remove the queueEvent signal.
715        30680a7 [UI] Remove everything related to fullscreen.
716        fb5a712 Add anti-aliasing to GLWidget as a post-processing step
717        cfe8f51 Windows/OSX confirm installed HAXM is 6.0+
718        026a89a [UI] Further reduce flicker on zoom.
719        997337b [OSX] Change the menu bar and minimized name.
720        4a0b8e9 Revert "Fix regression in build environment and -help"
721        03d81b0 Fix regression in build environment and -help
722        00ccfcf [UI] Remove the "virtual sensors" keyboard shortcut.
723        13de865 Shut down screencap processes in EmulatorQtWindow dtor
724        33f0983 Allow memory parameter over 4GB with 64 bit guests
725        9332d6a Try harder to determine if the snapshot directory is writable
726        d2d58be [UI] Fix an out-of-bounds access in SizeTweaker
727        009d6a4 [libOpenGLDispatch] Fix renderbuffer object support in GLES 2
728        06d30b3 [Crash] Qemu1 - report the kvm errors with crash handler
729        a050d49 [Metrics] Qemu1 - add api level to the reported metrics
730        92206b3 [CrashService] Fix the ps command on Mac
731        2dd48a7 Add host GPU info to metrics.
732        05c85c5 Don't change autogenerated files [EGL init logging]
733        9792643 emugl: windows: Use ReleaseDC() instead of DeleteDC().
734        08895f3 [Crash] Move the system() call out of the signal handler
735        f7817de Remove a spurious pop-up during crash reporting
736        2e00e91 [AndroidEmu] Temporarily disable AdbLivenessChecker.
737        8d66643 [UI, Skin] Respect "initial orientation" AVD setting
738        31f4f56 [AndroidEmu] Only read avd info if an avd is provided.
739        06a970e [ui] Fix alignment of new label on SMS message box
740        26a8523 [UI] Enforce a minimum size for the emulator.
741        24bd9b0 [ui] Add a label to the box that holds the text message
742        0997dc4 [ui] Don't highlight decimal/sexagesimal buttons when clicked
743        d53627f Report driver issue when failing to unbound context on windows
744        8eae723 Fix build (misspelled compiler.h)
745        baedc88 [Crash] Track EGL initialization success/failure.
746        df3f3e0 Make GPU blacklist testing easier. [QEMU1]
747        c9402f8 Switch to software GPU when OpenGL driver crashes
748        c0d926e Fix arm api 10 crashes
749        a077bdd Present GPU blacklist status as a window.
750        af5adc4 [Crash] Fix null pointer access when checking gpu mode
751        74022bc [ui] Adjust the D-pad button placement
752        4dfc971 [UI] Ensure exiting zoom mode works properly.
753        fb87666 [UI] Make D-Pad look good on high-density screens
754        4f51d64 Get rid of 'DEBUG' oops.
755        8312cf8 Support RGB888.
756        a4b7613 Detect and force software on crashy GPU's [QEMU1]
757        8517327 [CrashReporter] Attach the process list to the crash report
758        74d0bfb [Error-message] Update the VirtualBox/HAXM conflict error
759        1d2c4e3 [UI] Avoid rotation-related resize edge case.
760        c1efaba [CrashReport] Attach the proces uptime to the crash report
761        50685a2 [Qemu1] Report the qemu version separately from the emulator ver
762        a2fdffd [qemu1] replace abort() with crash handler call in thread
763        d656566 [UI] Fix and refactor the DPad page
764        109e5cc Use 24-bit depth buffer on checking WGL extensions.
765        e1b4482 Allow switch to software GPU when a GPU crash is being reported
766        3bdbc37 [UI] Iron out some minor kinks after the recent change
767        29a0ff0 [UI] Fix font issue on Windows
768        8e3be12 [AndroidEmu] Initialize openssl for multi-threaded environment.
769        6093f47 Install openssl headers along with libcurl's prebuilts.
770        2713531 [UI] Fix background color of text boxes on the About page
771        7f4bcea Allow for better error reporting during startup
772        eb22df9 [UI] Change maximum window size restrictions.
773        7417247 [Qt] Fix QGraphicsEffect rendering on Retina displays
774        d4df9a6 [AndroidEmu] Disable signals in libcurl.
775        1833240 [UI] Fix button ugliness
776        60e98bd [AndroidEmu] Prevent crash on multiple curl_init calls. (tiny).
777        e57916a [UI] Prevent the emulator from entering OSX split screen.
778        96feafc Clear error dialog pointer after deleting it
779        8d9759f [UI] Add a widget which is a button with drop shadow
780        91794ae [UI] Add multitouch to the help page UI.
781        242b94c Delete error dialog on emulator exit
782        96feb2b [UI] Fix some keyboard shortcut issues.
783        29d8381 Revert "[Mac build] Support the Mac SDK < 10.9"
784        2f42472 Fix unicode file path support build issues
785        00de7f4 [ui] Update the lat/lon values before sending the location
786        8d85440 Support unicode file paths on Windows
787        333f9af [AndroidEmu] Fix IniFile ownership bug in android/metrics.
788        00d8405 [UI] Update the "Documentation" link.
789        ea76b39 [CrashUi] Uncap send/don't send report buttons.
790        c426d52 [AndroidEmu] Fine, we won't cleanup libcurl.
791        84cf848 [UI] Swap minimize and close on non-Apple systems
792        a05e583 Handles null pointer in gl(Compressed)Tex(Sub)Image
793        1b1cbe5 [UI] Make emulator usable on high-DPI Windows displays
794        8713e23 GL encoder null pointer check before write
795        948d57d [emubase] Fix a bad assert in Win32 Thread
796        717bb48 Apple camera synchronized access
797        d5bddf6 Make WearAgentImpl noncopyable
798        df15254 [emubase] Fix some code issues in win32 thread class
799        c9bebff [Crash] Fix metrics crash if it failed to get a metrics file path
800        bcfbc10 Suggest gfx driver updates more liberally.
801        09f16cb Fix a typo in GLEScontext::convertIndirect
802        1f82c2b [UI] Add a mechanism for recording UI events.
803        3e1419e [UI] Update the multitouch UI with a 2-finger swipe.
804        ca1c5fd Pass more non-ASCII characters
805        0ce5578 [Crash] Crash in Qt on Mac when unplugging monitors
806        6a5cf18 [Qt] Fix the qt build on OS X 10.11
807        2dd5cea Dependencies: Build libcurl with debug symbols.
808        38e74ce Send more than 1 digit of altitude with the GPS location
809        622909c [Ui] Fix a horrible-looking help -> emulator help tab
810        b024495 Crash fix: check for NULL surface when destroying it
811        e1f11b5 Remove 32-bit Linux binaries from build.gradle.
812        f08824f Move crash report preference to second column.
813        c5a2d41 Obsolete 32-bit Linux binaries.
814        2632292 [Base] Add a circular buffer implementation
815        7b6750c [Crash] KmlParser didn't check for null xml content
816        eb65fdf ANDROID-CODING-STYLE.TXT: Better doc for scoped enums.
817        655d02a [Emulib] Refuse curl operations if libcurl init failed.
818        891af35 [Emulib] make utils/filelock thread safe.
819        0d8d568 [crash] GpxParser could potentially crash on bad xml in gpx file
820        c0a5a7a Crash fix: accessing NULL pointer in loopIo_fd call
821        3174fe4 [ui] Adjust Settings page now that "Send crash reports" is a pull-down
822        6256351 Change crash report preference to a dropdown.
823        4af6f31 [Crash] Get rid of heap allocation in crash handler
824        7e86e70 [Emulib] Fix a bad define for MAX_PATH on Windows
825        3f26697 [Win32] Improve the Win32UnicodeString class
826        77ca4ab Don't prompt users to upload crash on exit.
827        59e4662 Instrument to catch crashes in tcp_output
828        d600a9c [Crash] Allow replacing the crash report data instead of appending
829        74f2f83 [crash] Create the QSettings less often as it crashes on Mac
830        1c4f706 Fix prebuilt default autotool make install command
831        fb5d9c8 [ui] Zoom-related fixes.
832        f932c73 On Windows and Mac, check invalid pointers before glDraw*
833        47da960 [ui] Fix an OSX/QEMU1 crash when showing error dialogs.
834        bfcad49 [ui] Cleaning up EmulatorQtWindow.
835        acba4c8 [ui] Don't take a screenshot when the Help page is displayed
836        20768d2 Add warning messages for deprecated window size flags.
837        1712364 android_mips.c: Change default cpu to 74Kf
838        ee0d773 target-mips: Support for DSP ASE in Android QEMU
839        c135fbb [Emulib] Quickfix: Use shared_ptr for AdbLivenessChecker.
840        c9e0057 [ui] Adjust the spacing between radio buttons
841        b3925ee [Mac build] Support the Mac SDK < 10.9
842        23cf517 [build] Now actually fix the build - c_str in right place
843        e34443c Fix the build - sumbitted the wrong patch
844        0be2d58 [build] Fix build break on Mac - environ is not available
845        d62f947 [Crash] Allocate less in attachData()/attachFile()
846        8e57deb [ui] Change "SDK Location" to "Backup ADB".
847        4904b27 [UI] Refactor the way emulator handles Qt stylesheets
848        84e036b Support glDrawElements with GL_UNSIGNED_INT
849        0139cce [Crash] Seal the metrics file early when exiting
850        572b6be [Crash] Attach process memory usage to the crash report
851        3ed49da [Emulib] Rename ScopedHandle to ScopedFileHandle
852        439ed27 [Emulib] Move ScopedHandle into Win32Utils
853        a1f38de android/console.c: Fix minor typo (oubtound -> outbound).
854        5eda819 [Crash] Change the attachData() function to allocate less...
855        f493e0c [Emulib] Make win32-specific headers easier to include
856        bc25330 Add -use-system-libs command-line option.
857        cb8f3b8 Re-add the "-scale" command line flag.
858        42a3831 Add memory, AVD and HAX info to crash reports
859        660715c Fix forward declaration of RenderWindowMessage
860        321bf5c [Emulib] Prevent thread leakage from android::base::Thread.
861        e390313 emugl: Remove obsolete functions from glUtils.h
862        d81be26 emugl: Remove obsolete GLErrorLog.h
863        1e34639 emugl: Remove codec_defs.h header.
864        b41583d emugl: Remove obsolete GLClientState.{h,cpp}
865        ececee7 emugl: Move i/o stream implementation to libOpenglRender
866        c6f33e5 emugl: Refactor GLDecoderContextData class.
867        a96e81a emugl: Remove obsolete source file GLSharedGroup.cpp
868        bd46725 android-emugl: remove stale qemu-gles socket files
869        7c73938 [Build] Fix build on Windows - include the proper header
870        2759098 [Mac build fix] Use the proper clock for wall clock in System
871        5e80807 [Crash] Log qemu main loop parameters into the crash report
872        d477452 [emulib, qemu1] Attach command line and environment to crash
873        53dec33 [Emulib] Added a System::envGetAll() call
874        559c2b4 [CrashReporter] Function to attach additional data to the crash report
875        32ecaa8 [ui] Make the zoom button show the correct state.
876        0ea0d2d Check invalid pointers before sending them to glDraw*
877        f710e7f Handle v024 pixel format for macbook pro webcam
878        34c3012 [Metrics] Send wall clock in metrics an if exiting has started
879        f98c618 [Emulib] Add wall clock time to System::getProcessTimes()
880        b755860 'Auto send report' checkbox
881        ddc39fb [ui] Fix zoom on OSX/Windows.
882        7e33ebf Change the Qt build script to use plaintext patches
883        27fdd69 [qemu1] Fix the use after free in the gui_timer
884        fc96614 Disable multi-touch support for api <= 21
885        fc813b9 Save user crashreport prefs; detect exit crashes
886        3e2871d Fix Win32UnicodeString::append not copying all data
887        8eb22ac Windows: Fix compilation with newer GCC toolchain.
888        7ff0424 audio: Avoid 100% CPU usage on Linux
889        64da37d Check the scaled skin surface bitmap before using it
890        55fd61d [ui] Change from using QErrorMessage::qtHandler()
891        4df2cdf Patch QImage::smoothScaled to check for null pointer.
892        9a9c02f [ui] Warns users of a non-multitouch AVD on click not show.
893        47cf47f Create default cache.img if missing in build environment
894        f655161 [ui] Fix some resizing edge cases on Windows.
895        840481d [Mac] Fix a possible dangling pointer use in Mac quit command
896        98eb464 emugl: Export renderer public API headers.
897        0af92dc android_pipe.h: Remove android_pipe_set_raw_adb_mode().
898        3f76033 [ui]: Change how the emulator reports screen dimensions.
899        6a5cdc9 [qemu1] Really initialize process on the main thread.
900        db7f902 [Crash] Report an internal error on OOM in skin redrawing func
901        b514f1f [Crash-Die] Support of crashhandler_die() in the service
902        5186a90 [Crash-Die] Add a crashhandler_die() function to the reporter
903        7fda836 [OS X] Quit correctly on Cmd-Q
904        16edb6e Leak emulator-qt-window to avoid exit crash on OSX
905        45d7a67 Fixing skin image unrefs
906        a01e3c8 [Build fix] Test crasher didn't add emulib ldflags
907        ede76aa [qemu1] Route Ctrl-C event to EmulatorQtWindow::closeRequest.
908        5ed7766 [CrashSys] Simplify the crash system work with paths
909        44e4284 [Emulib] PathUtils::extension() and variadic-args join()
910        51012af [Emulib] Add a convenience ctor to StringView
911        96a7e17 [ui] Make the error dialog modal.
912        58c3c28 [Emulib] Report error when screenshot grabbing fails due to bad Sdk path
913        c0e8241 use hw.lcd.depth in config.ini as default bpp
914        997089a [Emulib] A Uuid class implementation
915        52bc312 [Emulib] Add libuuid to the prebuilts
916        7d262ad [Build] Support custom make install commands for prebuilts
917        9e2fa4c [ui] Pass key-releases through the multitouch overlay.
918        6795766 ui: Remove the "-scale" flag and "window scale" command.
919        1636373 ui: Adjust button boundaries
920        ed2f23b Disable update-surface path when emugl rendering
921        8efade7 [Emulib] Cleanup force terminated subprocess
922        7cb0aa1 ui: Prevent the emulator window from drifting on resize.
923        2edd71a Skip skin display initialization in no-window mode
924        09efc62 Handle memory allocation failure when udpate framebuffer
925        7a63bdd Fix inconsistency in the guest and host when GLES version=3
926        0f4557b Fix handling of "-prop xxx=yyy" on the command line
927        bd5898f Fix misspellings in toolchain generator.
928        37df147 Fix segfault on startup when keys are pressed
929        32d354a android_pipe_pingpong_unittest: new unit-test.
930        b5e47aa TestAndroidPipeDevice: new testing helper class.
931        a3a6a9c android_pipe.h: Improve interface for testability.
932        69a4f3f Use the thread specific looper in gles for qemu2
933        874dc4d Fix typo - "Ctrl+Alt" shouldn't have spaces
934        af418b3 ui: Make the multitouch UI prettier.
935        02c598a Removes the "themed pixel line" beneath the nav bar.
936        b6e3fb3 AddressSanitizer - initial usability improvements
937        4cf3e5f [Crash] Show an error message about VirtualBox when Hax sync fails
938        11e1587 Add build option for sanitizers.
939        41f5a69 [Ui] Fix a crash on exit if adb install was still running
940        b5537d8 [Issue 197067] Fix weirdness with "ungrab keyboard" on help page
941        f0f8c66 Fix crash on exit for AVDs using webcam on Mac
942        ba815d0 Fix null functions in gles2_decoder_context_t
943        2c87c90 ui: Add contrast to extended window
944        d19d461 Move opengles_free to main thread
945        e976ad5 [Emulib] Add adb liveness check.
946        8cd9fa9 [Emulib] Enable base/* verbose logs with -debug-all
947        e9b1961 [OS X] Make the "Quit" menu entry functional
948        423f1b6 ui: Updated the resizing implementation on OSX.
949        3d79448 (Cleanup) Update old users of path_getSdkRoot.
950        ca547ff [Emulib] Add ConfigDirs::getSdkRootDirectory.
951        ab7715d [Emulib] Fix debug tags parsing
952        58c5d19 Adding dsymutil to mac symbol generation
953        4619a38 Implement an OpenGL Qt widget based on emugl libraries
954        54bb4ad Revert "Revert "Change the default hw.cpu.ncore to 2""
955        baa0695 Revert "Change the default hw.cpu.ncore to 2"
956        b7aed4e emugl: Convert s_gles1 and s_gles2 to GLESv1Dispatch / GLESv2Dispatch.
957        74c5d10 Remove anisotropic filtering unsupported message.
958        2f37cd9 Downgrade anisotropic filtering from a warning.
959        370f68e Disable dedicated RenderWindow threads.
960        0da8339 [Emulib] Set correct sigmask in System::runCommand.
961        d90f88c [qemu] Remove global SIGCHLD handler.
962        37354ee ui: Eliminate crash when entering trackball mode
963        f29f62f [Emulib] Remove unsed GoogleAnalytics metrics client.
964        bdf0c12 [Emulib] Fix a metrics_reporter crash (NULL --> std::string conversion)
965        779fbc1 [Emulib] Fix PodVector's const_iterator.
966        487ab36 GL 3.0 extensions: Misleading errormsg suppression
967        2a739e3 Limit stack search for gfx crash user suggestion
968        28a403b Add comments and report id to crash report dialog
969        1ac6780 Adding qemu1 console crash command
970        aeff0c1 Disabling crash-service unittest on mac
971        913b8a6 Fix mesa on windows
972        2a28643 [Emulib] (Somewhat) modernization of metrics_reporter.
973        7df0a85 ui: Fix a crash in skin_window_move_mouse
974        e8e5507 Additional check for GL 3.0 extension getting
975        b580796 Ensure graceful failure when the skin bitmap is null
976        4839be9 ui: Allow for multiple screens when positioning the emulator window
977        02310aa On gfx driver crash, suggest software rendering
978        0423b5e emugl: Remove library loading from decoders' initGL() methods.
979        839940d emugl: Make glGetStringi() a GLESv3 extension to avoid compiler warning.
980        395961a emugl: Add a few more entry points to GLDispatch
981        e073998 emugl: Add ANDROID_SKIN_INCLUDES
982        048d491 emugl: Define EMUGL_SRCDIR and EMUGL_INCLUDES
983        30ba0ed emugl: Move OpenGLESDispatch API headers to .../host/include
984        78bf951 emugl: Move public API headers to .../host/include
985        99c545e Fix Windows WM_DESTROY warning on exit
986        3ba830a ui: Remove the multitouch overlay when losing focus.
987        0505580 Revert "emugl: Refactor libOpenGLESDispatch"
988        fda1d55 [Emulib] Add RecurrentTask and simplify ParallelTask.
989        d3e7710 [Cleanup] Get rid of some compier warnings
990        4730bcf [Emulib] Fix the StringVector initializer-list ctor
991        5e006c3 Change the default hw.cpu.ncore to 2
992        b6cf582 Boot with -no-window and any skin
993        6e6b29f Fix some ugliness at the top of extended controls window
994        82dae65 UI Refactoring - split up extended controls [final]
995        5e67873 Remove extra format from D(...) in surface-qt.cpp
996        244b90b ui: Default the device location to the Googleplex
997        a8a549f [Emulib] Metrics: Also report host os with crash stats.
998        f130685 Fix scrollbar styling
999        45aa551 UI Refactoring - split up extended controls [part 3]
1000        34291e9 (WIP) Add new gfx drivers from crash reports
1001        e53882d [Emulib] Fix some breakpad warnings (macro redefinition)
1002        9d6b0d7 [Emulib] System::runCommand improvements.
1003        55ea00b emugl: Refactor libOpenGLESDispatch
1004        26c2af1 [UI] Cleanup the method that caused warning from Qt
1005        8ddf6a8 [CrashService] Fix some issues with crash in Gfx driver detection
1006        96c0ace Fix booting problem with resize2fs on windows
1007        c58f9f5 [Crash] Check the UI agent before accessing it as it can be null
1008        f7c542d Make user suggestions from crash dump
1009        91fe815 [Emulib] Workaround Cygwin issue with CreateProcess and null std handles
1010        97d89de [Emubase] Remove unneeded functions from StringVector
1011        74ff767 (WIP) New hwinfo collection flow
1012        36583f6 ui: Undelete the labels on the two Settings paths
1013        3491c5f [Emulib] Add an object to run task in thread and collect result.
1014        61b82d5 emugl: Handle glGetString(GL_EXTENSIONS) deprecation.
1015        d432b25 Add --debug option
1016        29bb7bd Fix packaging of qemu2 darwin binaries
1017        ca040ac [UI] Make extended controls active and retain old tab on setOnTop()
1018        52b035c [CPUID] Fixed the virtualization instructions detection logic
1019        9cae231 Fix SmartPtr crash
1020        ae4b807 Force touch instead of multi-touch for api 10
1021        2c2b4fd Replace more exit calls with chain-of-returns.
1022        c723df5 Allow more responsive UI.
1023        f2a801b clang-formatted -no-window changes
1024        6fbb63a Adding -no-window support in the Android Emulator
1025        d92a395 ui: Adds a popup recommending x86 AVD's if supported.
1026        463b032 ui: Remove bogus tool tip from SEND MESSAGE button
1027        e0cc3fe [Qt] More fixes to dialog generation.
1028        ce354fb Trailing EOL breaks the test.
1029        be446de Option to collect system info on crash
1030        1a0b24c [qt] Set parent widget for progress dialog.
1031        f3f4332 ui: Updates the file push dialog to show progress.
1032        882d293 Fix missing EOL in text files.
1033        6168e7c Fix line endings DOS -> UNIX.
1034        33b1676 Remove executable bit from non-executable files.
1035        48d6ae7 Split EGLDispatch and GLESv*Dispatch from libOpenGLRenderer
1036        d48df62 Add --no-android option.
1037        b6d0217 [Emulib] Use new path for Android Studio installation id. [RELAND]
1038        942c168 Revert "[Emulib] Use new path for Android Studio installation id."
1039        8fdb7b9 ui: Remove spurious error pop-up on "end call"
1040        b471adb [Emulib] Use new path for Android Studio installation id.
1041        c4d4307 ui: Emulator "always on top"
1042        7e849e9 ui: Minor zoom fixes.
1043        f94ff8d Create common utility functions for handling DNS
1044        5a89c71 [Emulib] Bugfixes in android::base::Thread
1045        747fa1a [Emulib] Sleep for active timers in generic looper
1046        9e11b0b Add descriptions to tool tips on the tool window buttons.
1047        99f91c1 ui: Fix the rotate keyboard shortcuts on OSX.
1048        5bb5240 ui: Fix more flicker on rotation.
1049        0249d55 Allow anisotropic filtering.
1050        4375d17 UI Refactoring - split up extended controls [part 2]
1051        a64d10a Rotate left/right using keyboard shortcuts
1052        e313001 Update skin files documentation.
1053        3399b48 Bring back the separate rotation buttons
1054        8052ff7 Use a bogus domain name in invalidURL crash reporter test.
1055        f56be5f Changing crashsystem spawn service to runCommand
1056        8553948 [Qemu] Get rid of most obvious exit() calls in qemu1
1057        b872aee [eGl] Fix the crash if glGetString() returns NULL
1058        e4a65cb [Metrics/UpdateCheck] Correctly encode the query string when reporting
1059        42af71e [Emulib] Add Uri::FormatEncodeArguments() to encode query string
1060        f687d93 [Emulib] StringFormat() improvement: support string classes
1061        a5c5302 UI Refactoring - split up extended controls [part 1]
1062        612d37f [Egl] Fix the finalization of FrameBuffer if it wasn't created yet
1063        88d02d6 [Metrics] Add better debug message to metrics uploading
1064        3dab939 Fix appearance of "play" button icon on Retina screen
1065        a11d28b Fix build breakage caused by
1066        726637d base: Accept StringView objects in logger.
1067        49f3623 Fix -gpu mesa when pressing power button will crash
1068        0428d29 base: Group System.h functions by category.
1069        31f27a7 Full-skin rotation
1070        529f9a9 base: Migrate android::base::System functions to use StringView.
1071        678a5b8 metrics: Add object to automatically flush metrics file.
1072        fbeed26 Qt: Implement a Qt event loop based Looper.
1073        ac4b8c0 [Emu-Check] Add a new 'hyper-v' check to the emulator-check
1074        054c927 [Emulib] Fix and extend the Win32UnicodeString copying/assignment
1075        a5a893f [Emulib] Search for an executable on path when launching (Windows)
1076        14f506f [Emulib] Change Win32UnicodeString to constuct from StringView
1077        1eb8484 [Qemu1] Make /dev/kvm fd close on exec
1078        0320267 [EmuCheck] New emulator-check binary for Android Studio queries
1079        533dd97 Put multi-touch setting back
1080        368890a skin: Fixes more flicker on Windows.
1081        0eb2ca7 Code cleanup crash service
1082        5dfcdb6 Clean up crash reporter, increase wait interval
1083        dd0bf82 Changing win crash reporter to wait on named pipe
1084        4cc1b13 [Ui] Fix the segfault at exit (again x3)
1085        41b4526 [UpdateChecker] Removed unnecessary StringView() ctor call
1086        8a24018 [Emulib] System::runCommmand() function
1087        dd9c448 [Emulib] System::findBundledExecutable() now searches in root too
1088        b338a59 [Emulib] PathUtils - add toExecutableName() and StringView params
1089        7fdeb6b [Emulib] Small improvement of Uri::Encode/Decode()
1090        a3c5165 [Emulib] Improve the StringView class
1091        3111670 [Emulib] Add = {} initialization support to PodVector&StringVector
1092        17cf32b [Emulib] Add a header to enable enum class fields
1093        182c566 Patch QT mingw qmake.config for release_with_debug
1094        1f79806 Change crashreport errors to warnings
1095        4a403b0 [Emulib] Fix update check URL formatting.
1096        5bcb83d skin: Fixes flicker on resize (Linux/Windows).
1097        65d5cd1 [Launcher] Fix engine autodetection logic for -help and -version
1098        07f50cf [UpdateCheck] Don't uriencode the web site address
1099        b399658 [Qemu1] Don't delete main thread's looper with metrics teardown
1100        a43b6ce Add build-id linker flag to prebuilt build scripts
1101        ef483c4 Re-Adding crashreport unit tests
1102        14e5aee [UpdateCheck] Pass additional arguments to the update check url
1103        2581930 Add build-id linker flag to new BUILD_TARGET_LDFLAGS
1104        a639a55 Make the tool window look nice on retina displays
1105        6329642 Unit test updates following update checker changes
1106        d2a6ea9 [Emulib] Implemented a missing StringView(const String&) ctor
1107        c787dcc [Emulib] Add System::getOsType() method
1108        2f0dc3e Add tool tips to tool window buttons
1109        5fde8f8 SDK tools version --> emulator version updates
1110        0c3e6b5 Allow ANDROID_GL_SOFTWARE_RENDERER=1 in QEMU2
1111        fb3e449 android/curl-support.h: Refactor CURL using code
1112        d932953 android/qemu-setup.c: Move to AndroidEmu.
1113        ed0e6be android/emulation/android_pipe.c: Move to AndroidEmu.
1114        9705caa [Launcher] Don't rely on argv[0] when looking for the engine
1115        3fba32b [Launcher] Renamed main launcher file .c -> .cpp
1116        bda00f4 ui: Changes the controls for zoom.
1117        29ef892 android/main-common-ui.h: New header.
1118        930fd90 Fix --out-dir=<dir> build.
1119        9d3aca5 build: Add new definitions-*.mk files
1120        7eac752 build: Rename OBJS_DIR to BUILD_OBJS_DIR
1121        75884a0 build: Get rid of SRC_PATH + small cleanups
1122        982c3af build: Rename BUILD_DEBUG_EMULATOR to BUILD_DEBUG
1123        c825124 build: Rename local-host-tool and local-host-define
1124        e735ea6 build: More HOST_XXX renames.
1125        16e325c build: Rename HOST_OS and HOST_ARCH
1126        2054ea5 build: Rename HOST_XXX and MY_XXX variables.
1127        7c21815 build: Move definitions from to binary.make
1128        3ad4d79 build: More renaming of internal variables.
1129        d909771 build: Rename SYMBOLS_DIR to _BUILD_SYMBOLS_DIR
1130        664c63c build: Rename BUILD_SYSTEM to _BUILD_CORE_DIR
1131        902cd51 Move Makefile to android/build/main.make
1132        ab6d0f1 build: Move emulator-libui to
1133        38c6beb build: Cleanup emulator-libui rules.
1134        2b3b168 build: Move GPS/KML parser code to AndroidEmu.
1135        8903d40 build: Get rid of emulator-common module.
1136        18b3b8d Move audio-test.[hc] into android-qemu1-glue/
1137        fbbe0ef Fix windows unit-tests.
1138        ac5b9f7 Removing osmesa from mesa build script
1139        ebb91f7 ui: Stop the emulator window from moving during rotation
1140        3210d9a Implement the help hotkey
1141        1d40507 Change the "home" key shortcut on OS X
1142        794a9d2 Make hotkey strings on the Help page platform-specific.
1143        11374dc Make crash dump details path more robust
1144        123edb6 Fixing win64 crash service path
1145        72bde8a [Mac] Fixed the haxm memory leak when adb is launched from emulator
1146        92be18b [Emulator] Fix freeze on exit (Windows)
1147        bd6d15b [Emulib] Fixed System::runSilentCommand() for Posix
1148        db384ed Revert "Force windows crash-service path to 32 bit"
1149        c96cbdb Force 64 bit emulator on OSX
1150        b8cd20e Fixing windows crash service client detection
1151        978fafd Force windows crash-service path to 32 bit
1152        e37d841 HACK: Fix -gpu mesa on qemu2
1153        8593b7f [Emulib] System::runSilentCommand() improvements
1154        abdc2c8 Install prebuilt dll symbols during build flow
1155        3b91989 Move copy of prebuilt dlls to android-configure
1156        6d858bf ui: Updated Qt UI keyboard shorcuts.
1157        eda4eb2 build: Move AndroidEmu unit-tests.
1158        fa72f03 build: Move crash service sources out of AndroidEmu.
1159        bf20bd9 build: cleanup AndroidEmu dependencies.
1160        8ead67f build: Move android-wear into AndroidEmu.
1161        5eb2e37 Move jpeg-compress.c and uncompress.cpp
1162        4dbf961 Fix out-of-bounds access in Qt image scaling
1163        25c0454 Reduce dependent sources list.
1164        626ce62 cleanup.
1165        24ecc2d Use different SwiftShader library naming scheme.
1166        e268e26 [Launcher] Allow '-debug-init' to act as '-verbose' in launcher
1167        a294563 [Emulib] Print the 'sdk root not found' message once
1168        a9a7b97 Adding symbols and strip to prebuilt build scripts
1169        dbf34e8 Qt: Handle adb start failure when close emulator
1170        99a4c1e [Emulib] Unquote the ANDROID_SDK_ROOT path on Win32
1171        3bd6103 Fix emulator hang when receiving a phone call
1172        e7cbccd Send adb shell stop before close
1173        119ce8d Add 'mips' to ranchu backend support list
1174        30c4f1c emulator: Fix platform build run.
1175        7d93a59 build: Move EMULATOR_COMMON_XXX to
1176        f57837d [windows] camera: Remove QEMU dependency.
1177        b849f04 Allow -gpu swiftshader if swiftshader is available.
1178        82eca1f build: Remove obsolete LOCAL_NO_DEFAULT_COMPILER
1179        67068fc Remove obsolete file.
1180        0b0af35 Makefile: Remove LIBS_DIR
1181        2ea53d0 Makefile: Remove obsolete VPATH usage.
1182        71ad206 Makefile: Rename CONFIG_H to CONFIG_HOST_H
1183        f8447b0 Fixes a multi-touch related bug (see below).
1184        7b357b2 [Emulib] Cleanup of UpdateChecker (use the async API)
1185        a053494 [qemu1] Move the metrics reporting into separate thread
1186        e0eb2f3 docs/DEVELOPMENT.TXT: Update docs.
1187        da4fa8a [Emulib] C wrappers for the c++ android::base::async() function
1188        5eca844 [Emulib] async() new function + auto signal masking in new threads
1189        27ab19c [Cleanup] Renamed metrics files .c -> .cpp
1190        d00459b android/camera/camera-capture-windows.c: translate to C++
1191        d36e2f7 Fix API 21 x86_64 boot.
1192        f12852b Change some hotkeys' prefix from ctrl+shift to ctrl+alt
1193        5d7c859 [Ui] Set the splash screen window icon
1194        cd49419 ui: Disable multi-touch until it works on QEMU2.
1195        cd692bc Fix path_is_dir() on Windows.
1196        8651fa0 [Emulib] Check the kernel version to match the selected engine
1197        75cf63d emulator: Make QEMU2 the default emulator when possible.
1198        fa56bef Remove OS X cleanup hack.
1199        3b51c2d Fix cdma index out of bound in qemu1
1200        7d70249 [Ui] Load latest available emulator version into Help:About
1201        5b7acd3 ui: Implement 'Android SDK location' setting
1202        583fff1 Center startup progress bar for Windows.
1203        aa9d392 ui: Adds two-finger pinch/rotate gesture to emulator UI.
1204        a2646a0 Removing curl verbosity from upload_symbols script
1205        0f94de9 Fix upload_symbols curl command
1206        2d36d17 Changing upload_symbols to increase curl verbosity
1207        52dfb6f Increasing CrashService WaitCrash timeout
1208        e9664ba Increasing CrashService unit test timeout
1209        84304bd Adding additional CrashService unit test check
1210        7237a15 Set minimum HAXM version to 6.0.1
1211        647c300 Disabling CrashService bad URL unit test on windows
1212        676252b Screen doesn't sleep when pressing power button on mac
1213        9ea8ec2 Updated looks for startup dialog.
1214        21e3eca Adding more checks to CrashService unit tests
1215        efa31cb Revert "Revert "Breakpad Integration""
1216        95bea80 [Emulib] Make sure there's no trailing slash in the app dir
1217        363be76 ui: Change 'Recents' to 'Overview'
1218        8232611 ui: Show a "Starting..." pop-up until the main window first appears
1219        ba3b353 Revert "Breakpad Integration"
1220        e5c18a0 [WearAgent] Moved adb service connection to a separate thread
1221        8d6434e Fix tool window buttons appearance when pressed
1222        e495af2 Fix issue 196108: some keyboard shortcuts don't work on Mac
1223        93b6f08 [Emulib] Made ScopedPtr::reset() safer
1224        298a858 [Emulib] Added Thread::maskAllSignals() method
1225        bea6c12 Breakpad Integration
1226        330da62 Add evil hack to prevent crash on OS X and Linux.
1227        07a63d6 [QEMU1] Fix segfault on exit/remember window pos
1228        9c7995a Fix text elision in screenshot save path
1229        59edbd3 Exit zoom mode before rotating.
1230        5216b23 Rotate should be directionless for now.
1231        63b0290 [Emulib] Improved scoped ptr, auto lock and system
1232        c40e33b [Emulib] New FunctorThread class
1233        3288d20 Minor comment change, warning fix, copyright text
1234        190a8ae ui: Replace two rotate buttons with one button
1235        19ad1a1 ui: Query battery status to populate the battery UI page
1236        3cd3793 Fix offset bug of rotating after zoom.
1237        59f21b3 Fix buggy native scrollbar on OS X.
1238        f78dddd [Emulib] Modernize DISALLOW_COPY_AND_ASSIGN(T) macro
1239        8730449 GPU based texture scaling.
1240        7df2609 Revert "Re-upload: Fix some memory leaks."
1241        13620db Remove ranchu intermediate launchers.
1242        73d2acf Include lib64 into SDK tools for windows
1243        5f72809 Fix large file support for 32-bit Windows binaries.
1244        92eb7c4 android::base::String.release(): use strdup()
1245        c68a1ca Fix crash that may occur when closing the extended window
1246        0b918a5 Fix double lock when using serial_recv
1247        44586fa ui: Hide controls that aren't functional yet.
1248        a13f91c [Build] Fixes some warnings in camera API
1249        45803fb Fix Windows camera lockup with smp > 1
1250        609ef8b [Windows] Emulator runs on the parent console in parallel
1251        d0adfc1 Re-upload: Fix some memory leaks.
1252        ce46997 Renaming VERSION_STRING to EMULATOR_VERSION_STRING
1253        8a5dd3e Adding android build number to version defines
1254        eb659d8 Fix rotation.
1255        21327d8 [Windows-x64] Enable x64 versions of emulator on Windows
1256        b3dd29c [Qt] Windows - tool window closes leaving emulator running
1257        d3ba32b Revert "Fix some memory leaks."
1258        d62de1d Fix minor compiler warnings
1259        87ea036 Fix some memory leaks.
1260        b5d442c Fix Darwin build.
1261        e989b40 build: Remove SDL-based UI support code.
1262        a578dbf Updating breakpad build script
1263        9650569 Fix bug - load gpx/kml inactive on first run
1264        6cfe0e5 Fix repainting issues on Windows
1265        b396929 Changing PACKAGES.txt breakpad description
1266        51ebf12 Smooth icons on Retina screen
1267        60a7792 [Qt] Convert screenshot directory path to native OS format
1268        b6d5301 ui: Restore lines under editable widgets
1269        0141650 Adding breakpad patches
1270        2bfaae8 android::base::String: Implement release() method.
1271        a32245c Add Qemu2 backend support for mips32 using -ranchu switch
1272        9e63983 path_split(): Move to android::base::PathUtils
1273        7c5e4dc path_can_xxx(): Use android::base::System.
1274        4dfa6f5 path_get_absolute(): implement with android::base::System
1275        3230d88 path_is_absolute(): use android::base::PathUtils::isAbsolute()
1276        9c45306 android/utils/path.h: Start using android::base::System.
1277        859b506 Tool window buttons to send appropriate events
1278        b93d649 Exit with error message when screen is too large for software GPU.
1279        6ce13cb Add persistence and async loading to the Location page
1280        d268cc5 Fix Windows freeze on startup by locking qemud mux
1281        cd5a128 Remove an unneeded swap function
1282        7f03314 Add decoder for creating client EGL images
1283        9426c10 Fix --symbols option.
1284        fd52a47 Implement a setting to control grabbing keyboard input
1285        9852636 Increase FPS/decrease frame hits+jerks for smp>1
1286        1c31f57 [Qt] Fix intermittent crash on close when extended window is open
1287        b8bf3c7 ui: Revert to a uniform Home key
1288        b77a5bd Fix shaper.h to be compatible with C++ sources.
1289        9f990ad Ignore hw.cpu.ncore in classic emulator
1290        488f0e3 skin/qt: Hide all title bar buttons on OSX
1291        15a6922 [Qt] Fix the use-after-free bug in Qt UI + skin
1292        e20f099 [Qemu-GL] Fix the use-after-free bug in EglWindowSurface
1293        1d196d4 [Common] Improved LazyInstance<> code to be more secure and clear
1294        9021830 skin/qt: Make the screen flash when a screenshot is taken.
1295        c0a97ce ANDROID-CODING-STYLE.TXT: Document '#pragma once'
1296        ab33382 ui: Improve pull-down lists on Mac
1297        19c3801 ui: Add controls to the Settings page
1298        29b9e53 Fix the audio problem in goldfish
1299        089c75b skin/qt: "Marching ants" zoom!
1300        e5540da skin/qt: Window management updates.
1301        0bf5c47 ui: Move "About" from the Settings page to the Help page
1302        8c13c8a [Qemu] Move the VERSION_STRING definition into AndroidEmu
1303        2135e83 ui: Tweak the look of the Help page
1304        4a278c6 [Launcher] Correctly set up the library search paths on Windows
1305        204e65e QEMU2 camera support (AndroidEmu changes)
1306        0d876cd [AndroidEmu] Pass the correct port number to initModem()
1307        e19046a skin: Allow for additional device rotations.
1308        250a2ea [Qemu] Reduce input latency in Qt UI
1309        f638250 ui: Adjust the size of the text on action buttons
1310        de28c0e Make system images read-only by default.
1311        f985e25 Fix blackscreen with gpu off
1312        962bbb7 android::base::ScopedCPtr: Add documentation and array access.
1313        99b9fd9 Reduce CPU usage with gpu=on
1314        6e4229e Don't wipe data partition before locking it.
1315        a643183 ui: Implement media keys in the UI
1316        8dcbe9b ui: Make the Zoom button toggle between up and down
1317        ad6530e Bring back old "rotate" functionality and fix d-pad buttons.
1318        915f0d0 ui: Put the Settings tab before the Help tab
1319        0c5c07c [Qemu2] Fixed the SDK path calculation to work with qemu2
1320        c27c9e8 AndroidEmu: added ScopedCPtr alias to manage malloc()'d memory
1321        e654c48 Disabling grep highlighting on colorful terminals
1322        dc9b005 Adjust UI look--partly for Mac
1323        132c9e8 Move emulated NAND partition setup code.
1324        273b8af Move android/ext4_resize.[hc] to android/filesystems/
1325        0534e0c Move initial partition handling to vl-android.c
1326        2e66e85 Move NAND limit code to android/emulation/
1327        0a8b75d build: Add --ssh-wrapper=<command> to build scripts.
1328        132030c Move ext4_resize.cpp to AndroidEmu
1329        6b3bb75 Added System::getLauncherDirectory
1330        53dd5cd ui: Remove spurious #define to eliminate compiler warning
1331        497399c Address zyy@ comments on keyboard shortcuts change
1332        1151645 Moved GetWindowsError to Win32Utils::getErrorString
1333        be386be skin/qt: Fix crash when sending SMS without modem
1334        8935782 Fix low framerate problem.
1335        d50d285 Adding Breakpad Patches
1336        37a230f Fix Darwin build.
1337        d49765c Change function signature to eliminate compiler warning
1338        bf1b2c9 skin/qt: Fix an error-message related crash on OSX.
1339        866761b Altering keyboard shortcut behavior
1340        832f05a Added -accel-check command line option
1341        72847a3 Consistently use stdint types in target-i386/hax-interface.h
1342        d35900e Added a bunch of x86_cpuid utility functions
1343        bbd6f6b Implemented WindowsInstaller::getVersion
1344        abcb684 Fix the Help page and QTabWidget styles
1345        7b1d24f Display screenshot save path in a QLineEdit
1346        ff9dbd6 skin/qt: Toggle the zoom button when using the keyboard shortcut.
1347        eaccf34 skin/qt: Prevents window from moving on resize.
1348        a0f8dca Improved Scoped<Resource> swap tests to check resource
1349        39568f8 Added ScopedRegKey implementation
1350        f3914ee ui: Correct the color of the dark-themed Help icon
1351        2209d08 qt: Fix cleanup bugs.
1352        7ce4327 qt: Adjusting the look of the UI
1353        f93fd00 Add a "Help" page to the extended window
1354        35f89ea skin/qt: Keep the zoom button down when in zoom mode.
1355        9df26bc Disable play/stop button when there are no GPS points to play back.
1356        6339439 skin: Fix passing keyboard key presses to the AVD
1357        9c14775 Qemu: restore original ADB in qemu2
1358        de5454f skin: Fix the sdl2 build.
1359        6d2b8c1 Fix --ui=sdl build (unknown identifier in event-sdl2.c)
1360        4f1e6f5 qemu-launcher: Fix Windows bittness issue (force 32 bits)
1361        47e60eb Add patch to fix Chrome Remote Desktop crash.
1362        3bff4ff skin/qt: Update screenshot to save to default location.
1363        164dc1c Fix typo in debug output
1364        628ca48 Adding aux vector to elf definitions
1365        08df772 Location page: remove pause button, add playback speed control
1366        e9a5466 Add a Help icon to the Qt resource
1367        0fd6e59 Use QSettings to save and restore user selections
1368        4bc2537 Enable guest-side GPU emulation.
1369        6684af8 Fix styling for QTabWidget tabs
1370        1e8081d Add controls for sending a single GPS point on the location page
1371        da22742 Fix --out-dir=<path> build.
1372        7e1b36b Edit the qemu2 launcher to pass all arguments through
1373        d76d942 [Qemu2 qt] Ported better path_is_absolute into AndroidEmu
1374        41d2e56 [Qemu2 qt] Split out the androidEmu library
1375        fa349f6 QEMU1 changes to make AndroidEmu usable in QEMU2
1376        6a98028 Change the colors of the DPad controls in the dark theme
1377        dc2057b Add controls for modifying light, pressure and humidity sensors.
1378        0ef6575 build: Add local-link-static-c++lib function.
1379        2c78847 Allow the user to select the folder for saving screenshots
1380        fd149cb Qemu: moved looper-qemu.* into the glue code
1381        ac52cfa Qemu: fixed a typo in comment
1382        0595c04 Fixed a bad include in qe_path.cpp
1383        4f19d4d Add some buttons to the UI resource
1384        7c73c96 Updates Qt "zoom" controls.
1385        61ee452 build: Build QEMU2 from sources by default.
1386        506d3ee Panic if PC Bios files are missing.
1387        e29fd07 build: Allow modules to specify custom CC, CXX, LD and AR tools.
1388        f96bb90 build: Remove my-host-tool
1389        a105bdb UpdateChecker: better message about newer version
1390        fcf5642 docs: Added commit message instructions
1391        e096428 Fix flicker in Google Maps
1392        3f7a9d4 Fixes zoom on devices with high device pixel ratios.
1393        343a26d Darwin: Get rid of '-undefined dynamic_lookup'
1394        d024acc Disable VNC SASL support.
1395        c4d8732 Add opengl_alive metric variable; track in emulator init; exit if openGL init fails
1396        8032cd3 Add a widget for editing angle measurements
1397        41c01b0 Add support for light, pressure and humidity sensors in the emulator
1398        589d6ac Fix emulator skin on retina screen.
1399        c9147ed Fix aliasing for OS X with retina screens.
1400        d3c047c Implement the new keyboard shortcuts for the extended settings window.
1401        aa6da12 build: Simplify QEMU1 build rules.
1402        9f4e947 distrib/jpeg-6b/ Simplify build script.
1403        ba20386 Simplify build script.
1404        f994129 build: Remove un-necessary tabs.
1405        739c3f8 Move CXX_STD_LIBS definition.
1406        434cad1 distrib/ new build script.
1407        365e5ee distrib/ new build script.
1408        bc7bc8e distrib/ New build file.
1409        e731737 distrib/ Move LibCURL declarations.
1410        903d14a Hide Sensors and Fingerprint pages. Clean up the Phone page.
1411        14bf16e Fix the window icon for Windows.
1412        2ce2e13 Fix setWindowIcon for OS X by setting it for the entire QApplication.
1413        aba0376 Clean up the Cellular and Battery UI panes
1414        0b9f706 Select ranchu kernel when "-ranchu" option is given
1415        e754df6 android::base::System: Use Unicode file paths on Windows.
1416        eead247 android/base/Win32UnicodeString: New helper class.
1417        d67ba8d Fix regex and eliminate compiler warning
1418        03b7d93 Android build change to recognize all C++ extensions
1419        1ffd320 Use trilinear filtering to remove aliasing.
1420        7e0c92d Update Qt error messages for adb-dependent tasks.
1421        b7f1e42 Add a method to show a particular page to ExtendedWindow
1422        632fba9 build: removed 'function' from definition
1423        fffab33 Re-enable the loading of the Qt window icon.
1424        87f2b00 Update default keyboard shortcuts
1425        54f9f0b Fix aliasing on skins.
1426        f6b30e6 Add --build-qemu2 option.
1427        f58b5a4 Capture link output.
1428        9b70504 build: Add support for LOCAL_WHOLE_STATIC_LIBRARIES
1429        a37fd5e Fix a few minor typos.
1430        1cceafa build: Add LOCAL_INSTALL_DIR
1431        b349772 Show the ADB port on the Settings window
1432        3110f64 Updates the Qt "zoom" code to work on OSX.
1433        30e53e8 Revert "Revert "base/files: Add IniFile class [Reland]""
1434        ebd3e51 build: Typo fixup to aosp:178630
1435        9dc6f69 Revert "base/files: Add IniFile class [Reland]"
1436        1d13fc2 utils: Update ini.h to wrap around base/files/IniFile.h [reland]
1437        b0680a3 base/files: Add IniFile class [Reland]
1438        1d81c5e build: Link launcher program and unittests with -static.
1439        a67f747 launcher: Always inject custom library path.
1440        4cff263 build: Copy libstdc++ to installation dir for linux.
1441        6f2a9a6 Adjust the colors of the buttons on the Locations page
1442        223d0d1 Implement the Recents key on the UI
1443        bbab80d Minor fix up.
1444        ade79c0 Fix up for
1445        13fa09b metrics: Start reporting opengles hardware strings. [reland]
1446        4b4cd8d Fix e2fsprogs prebuilt location.
1447        92f8e92 Fix flicker when scrolling a zoomed-in window
1448        406a559 Properly shutdown emulator when closing Qt UI.
1449        5aa3b13 Modify what is sent for the HOME key
1450        ca0b92e Extend the debug bit mask to 64 bits
1451        b5cb9d0 Display the current emulator version on the Settings page
1452        92fc760 Remove Camera, Hardware Sensors and Record Screen from sidebar
1453        3ef12d5 Fix the background of emulator window on startup.
1454        1e8f904 Make the "keyboard shortcuts" page display the keyboard shortcuts.
1455        64c7bd0 update Android emulator icon files.
1456        fcb8ddd Rename android_icon.* files to emulator_icon.*
1457        30b779e Fix Windows build.
1458        87d7df4 Remove extra call to initSettings()
1459        3cc1bff Add a "Zoom" icon on the main tool bar
1460        9b0fea0 Implements "zoom" for Qt UI with host GPU.
1461        32699cd Pass the debug flag to qemu2 build script
1462        0ab85f3 Revert "base/files: Add IniFile class."
1463        5fd78b6 base/files: Add IniFile class.
1464        d8c4a19 Making window borders visible in WIN32
1465        c4a5e58 Move QEMU1 auto-generated to $OUT_DIR/build/
1466        0a1c704 build: unified module definitions for 32/64 bits.
1467        aef2c7a build: Move common module declarations to
1468        61b409e build: Rename Makefiles.
1469        aa51782 build: Remove a few obsolete definitions.
1470        b3195e6 Remove sources of zlib, libpng and libSDL2
1471        5367336 Makefile.*: Get rid of QEMU_HOST_TAG
1472        e7361d2 Small cleanup
1473        509bb43 Make Breakpad symbol generation optional.
1474        348d357 build: Strip final binaries + move build files to $OUT_DIR/build/
1475        20674c1 build: Fix intermediates-dir-for definition.
1476        f4a67de android/build/clear_vars.make: Clear LOCAL_SYMBOL_FILE
1477        4526298 Further improvements in Location page
1478        a36b3a9 Always force the SDL2 ui backend.
1479        5341621 Fix Darwin sdl2.pc file.
1480        d64c594 Adding pc-bios to darwin remote builds
1481        dec0f4c Change package_release to build qt by default
1482        07054d9 Fix segmentation fault in charmap.c
1483        93b6069 Change buttons on location page
1484        7ef6972 Improvements in the appearance & behavior of Location page
1485        06a4d71 Fix the "minimize" button
1486        a10383b Add a script to measure the boot time of an Android device or AVD.
1487        2021787 Fix quoting in Makefile.
1488        12669e5 Make extended controls window unresizeable.
1489        2601abd Build Qt UI by default.
1490        f777059 Default to building packages with C++11.
1491        137db50 [Refactor] multitouch-screen.c to AndroidEmu
1492        0be30fd Revert "Build Qt UI by default."
1493        f545251 Fix adb hang when communicating using qemud.
1494        a920532 [Refactor] Kill last two glue #includes in the lib
1495        a755fec [Refactor] Got rid of glue agents references in main-common
1496        0b87a38 [Refactor] qemu-setup.c to AndroidEmu
1497        2733a26 Remove "SD card" pane
1498        e66408a utils: Small changes to iniFile API.
1499        e5c0b03 base: Add ability to LOG(...) a std::string.
1500        473b733 Fix crash for arm images on OS X.
1501        c90a752 Build Qt UI by default.
1502        ddf0bd1 [Refactor] Moved console.c to AndroidEmu
1503        b2489ec Updates the Qt resizing implementation to work on OSX.
1504        4b16807 Fix pkgconfig creation bug.
1505        adbdc32 Ground work for ANGLE integration
1506        8a50275 Add LOCAL_SHARED_LIBRARIES in vars to clean
1507        aa7f1ba [Refactor] telephony/sysdeps_qemu.c -> AndroidEmu lib
1508        b12aed0 fix build script error for windows e2fsprogs
1509        26f751e Explicitly build esfsck.exe resize2fs.exe tune2fs.exe
1510        2d677c8 [Refactor] cleaned up utils/stream.h/cpp
1511        4dd226f Fix building bin for windows platform
1512        de6c81f [Refactor] shaper.c into AndroidEmu lib
1513        56b7c22 Some cosmetic changes in the virtual sensor code.
1514        63d207b Distribute bin and bin64 when packagint SDK tools
1515        c5ed248 [Refactor] snapshot.c to AndroidEmu
1516        faa026a Fix a missing comparison on checking 32 bit windows host
1517        be09113 Add support for manipulating the virtual sensors through the UI.
1518        cd2b3aa [Refactor] Move modem_driver to AndroidEmu
1519        94d0551 [Refactoring] Moved android_qemud out of glue code
1520        a0f1ffd Move telephony/ to android-qemu1-glue/telephony/
1521        bef565d Move back code from QEMU1 glue directory to android/
1522        0984a8d android-qemu1-glue: Remove CharDriverState dependencies.
1523        5f7d263 CSerialLine: Add buffer and pipe functions.
1524        74092a2 Do not force memory increase on 32bit windows host
1525        81427a6 Implements "zoom" for Qt UI on with -gpu mesa.
1526        0054b77 Check for the telephony agent late in the messaging process
1527        6653a5e Move charpipe implementation to android-qemu1-glue/emulation/
1528        0f1baa8 android-qemu1-glue: Fix source files location.
1529        3087301 Fix hang on OS X.
1530        4c05532 Move glue code to android-qemu1-glue
1531        0d441f8 android/: Move sdl_init_display() to android/display.c
1532        987f8c0 android/: Fix obsolete QEMU dependencies.
1533        5befbeb [Refactor] Remove unnecessary gps.h include
1534        6c6a81e Add 'minimize' button; remove 'unfold' button
1535        4d450fd [QT-SMS] Fixed bad string length for unicode text
1536        9beccb3 [refactoring] Abstract out telephony modem object
1537        ac3af22 Fix Windows build.
1538        06f47f5 android/display-core.c: Remove obsolete source file.
1539        172632a new single-use script
1540        a8807f4 Always indicate 32 bit operation for Windows
1541        a3ec332 Use the MinGW toolchain generated by
1542        977dd86 Removed some spammy debug messages
1543        96059d1 Fix wrap-around due to subtracting from unsigned.
1544        13f7530 Fix Darwin Qt build.
1545        c7db17c Remove unused Qt UI definition file
1546        d850609 Adding breakpad and symdump to emulator build flow
1547        0893268 [Bug] Fixed - HW sensors updates are not passed to guest
1548        f784489 Warning user if $SHELL is not properly defined.
1549        768d2d1 Updates Qt emulator to desired resizing spec.
1550        5a492f6 [Qt UI] Hanging after window move fix on Windows
1551        4a7f0e6 Revert "metrics: Start reporting opengles hardware strings. [reland]"
1552        7f48dce Eliminate some compiler warnings
1553        cf4ea62 Implement DPad
1554        a472bc1 metrics: Start reporting opengles hardware strings. [reland]
1555        716854c Remember the UI theme selection
1556        f7ae2b0 emulation: Add a helper object for control callbacks.
1557        d61856e Implements drag-and-drop to copy files for the Qt emulator.
1558        d5670a0 android_pipe: Fix crash on vmstate loading error.
1559        f42dd02 UpdateChecker: changed xml parsing to libxml2
1560        fd07b84 console: Use Looper::WatchFd for IO.
1561        39b6f4f Create a C interface for QEMU implementation of user event handling.
1562        b7e088b console: Use agent interfaces for location, finger, battery.
1563        dbbcac6 qt: Make control agents more generally accessible.
1564        776c2ea C++11 coding style update
1565        ecc84c3 qt: Make battery_agent more generally accessible.
1566        bdcae88 console: Add new interface for VM operations.
1567        ffc9a76 Refactoring: removed qemud/hw-qemud.h include from common files
1568        24fd02a UpdateChecker: stop printing debug information when not asked
1569        bcb67b9 Refactoring: got rid of qemu-specific headers in hw-sensors.c
1570        f16a479 Fix the edges of the extended tabs
1571        aade9fc Make the main tool bar change colors with the theme
1572        e3ddadb XCode 6 no longer comes with SDK 10.8.
1573        2c5c9df Incorrect comparison between pointer and boolean.
1574        836772c Space between string literal and macro.
1575        5cb2929 Fix GPX parsing code to work on Windows.
1576        6680b53 Modify GPX parsing to calculate time delays.
1577        b20b86e Revert "UpdateChecker: changed xml parsing to libxml2" Broken build on Mac
1578        1fb13f7 Support for -no-boot-anim for Ranchu emulator
1579        de95a54 Minor tweak to kernel/Android version map
1580        95f2ce6 QEMUD: move qemud_register_service() to the common lib
1581        3c8f731 Add the Back, Home, and Recents buttons to the main toolbar
1582        3fdb15e Make the main toolbar icons larger
1583        7f0e45c Add the Screenshot button to the main toolbar
1584        49aaf3e Move SMS messaging onto the telephony page
1585        8ea3222 Add 560dpi constant to emulator
1586        acab4e7 android/base/Limits.h: Remove problematic header.
1587        f5fda76 AndroidEmu refactoring: get rid of qemu dependency for ini.c
1588        3c49ea1 QEMUD refactoring: the refactoring
1589        310f73f QEMUD refactoring: created serial line abstraction
1590        c3e39e6 UpdateChecker: changed xml parsing to libxml2
1591        edc07b2 Add Breakpad prebuilt
1592        edbbb04 qemu-launcher: Support multiple cores for qemu2.
1593        67b3a3b Make the fingerprint button momentary
1594        030b434 MIPS Goldfish: Support for memory up to 4 GB
1595        3642da6 target-mips: Add TLB Refill exception interpreter
1597    $ cd external/qemu-android && git log --oneline --no-merges 1bc6453..2ee7107 .
1598        2ee7107 goldfish_sync: reset sync device on reboot [device changes]
1599        1c8e111 win32: Fix for minor compiler error with updated Mingw toolchain.
1600        c4e2ec5 Battery: have battery fully charged to start with
1601        75221c6 Qemu 2 Command line option to bypass adb secure check
1602        a227985 [qemu2] When saving pipes, store the device version first
1603        f075c22 Remove potential double-free condition.
1604        9b60b76 Fix upstream build.
1605        7ea6c84 [qemu2] Fix all 'unused variable' warnings for assert-only vars
1606        0c03bce android_pipe: lower irq if the state is reset
1607        cb47325 android_pipe: More robust pipe state resetting on reboot
1608        08ddc27 [qemu2] [tiny] Remove extraneous semicolon in a macro.
1609        8f38148 android_pipe: close all pipes on reboot
1610        929b81f [qemu2] Also drop studio client id and update channel metrics.
1611        9fd00e1 Fix tcp redir
1612        903551c Automatically create QCoW2 images as needed on startup
1613        4425010 Remove QEMU2 android_parse_network_xxx() functions.
1614        0eb298b [goldfish-sync][qemu2] add goldfish sync device
1615        c840b80 Remove custom QEMU2 console code.
1616        e431140 Get rid of custom QEMU2 pipe service code.
1617        c963620 Add save and load routines for QEMU2 pipes.
1618        fc1a51e [Build break] Add a missing include
1619        c9b6b12 Revert "Revert "[qemu2] Don't allow running the same AVD in multiple instances""
1620        d78e69e Enable down to 8KHz sample rate in HDA codec
1621        104b551 Enable hda audio emulation for x86 and x86_64
1622        b4e11f1 [metrics] Add selected renderer [qemu2]
1623        2894527 Add VOICE_ENABLE/DISABLE cmds to PAAudio
1624        4835519 Add fragment size limit to paaudio to reduce latency
1625        64da771 [UI] Correct emulator's use of port numbers
1626        d333eb2 [qemu2] Cleanup wear agent and socket drainer.
1627        0ec3bb5 UI: Remember the Cellular Network settings
1628        72a2a71 [qemu2] Provide ffs{,l,ll} implementations for mingw.
1629        8e840b9 [master][crash] Check for a non-null listen channel before adding a watch
1630        a518b9e Fix qemu_mutex_check_iothread()
1631        31cbad3 [qemu2] Fix crash when -append is used without -kernel.
1632        9494044 Allow setting the network connection to LTE
1633        8e3e005 Add ACPI configs for goldfish rtc x86/x86_64 devices
1634        ea9937e Remove QEMU internal -list-webcams option.
1635        c070c3e qemu2: support no-audio option
1636        6dbf574 target-mips: Fix RDHWR on CP0.Count
1637        0af4d3e [UI] Remove unneeded keyset code.
1638        6f562ed [qemu2][pipe] Speed up the pipe code for guest read requests
1639        716f94c [qemu2][adb] Get rid of the data_out watching
1640        ec76373 monitor.c: Fix upstream build.
1641        4b7a2c9 QEMU2 Glue: Remove compiler warning.
1642        782a735 [adb] Fix a crash caused by a call into a closed pipe
1643        a7e5bfe [qemu2] Optimize the tcg_enabled() call
1644        3564b0a [qemu2] Cleanup pointer collision in adb backend when add io watcher
1645        a05153a hw/misc/android_pipe.c: Remove obsolete mutexes.
1646        c1480a7 console: Fix error message for 'gsm hold' without a parameter.
1647        d751420 battery: Fix typo in reported health (Overheat not Overhead)
1648        fca5cf8 AndroidPipe: Proper multi-threading support.
1649        37d9725 glue: provide qemu2::VmLock sub-class of android::VmLock.
1650        8de56f2 main-loop.h: Implement qemu_mutex_check_iothread()
1651        9d2efcd [qemu2] Simplify -port and -ports cli behaviour.
1652        8af5ba0 [qemu2] Always use the custom Android CPU definition
1653        8cdbb25 [qemu2] Remove the obsolete qemu2 version of sensors
1654        460dcd4 Disable the -tcpdump flag for now.
1655        f9499ff Cap HAXM memory to 3G
1656        8ebe695 Android pipe: Implement AndroidPipeHwFuncs::resetPipe() callback.
1657        cccb243 AndroidPipe: Rename android pipe functions.
1658        9f427fa Android pipe refactoring.
1659        7618a72 [qemu2] Tweak CMA code for -gpu guest
1660        023b3a8 [qemu2] Fix a crash with -no-cache argument
1661        aa92bf3 Fix x86_64 CPU model for Android emulation with TCG
1662        2d39e84 [Main] Fixing qemu flags off-by-1 parsing bug.
1663        22517fa target-i386: Add Android-specific CPU models for TCG
1664        5e9e4b1 Add a "gsm signal-profile" command
1665        ccfbaf4 Revert "[qemu2] Don't allow running the same AVD in multiple instances"
1666        b1c5d30 darwin: Reduce compiler warnings.
1667        21e25f7 main.cpp: Remove unused function.
1668        886f894 disasm-a64.c: Remove win32 compiler warning.
1669        74cc2a2 slirp.c: Remove win32 compiler warning.
1670        ff86119 virtio-pingpong.c: Remove win32 compiler warning.
1671        969f443 qemu-char.c: Remove win32 compiler warning.
1672        1cdf6ba hax-windows.c: Remove compiler warnings.
1673        f2398d8 android-commands.h: Remove Win32 compiler warning.
1674        ee15374 hw/display/goldfish_fb.c: Remove minor Win32 compiler warning.
1675        602b4c9 include/disas/bfd.h: Remove compiler warnings.
1676        c264225 Remove vexing compiler warning.
1677        fb356f9 Remove hardcoded key mappings from QEMU2.
1678        bf1aad8 [qemu2] Replace the rest of exit() calls with returns
1679        322bdbf [qemu2] Don't allow running the same AVD in multiple instances
1680        1a93698 android/adb-server.c: Listen for host ADB server connections on both ::1 and
1681        b53db1b [qemu2] fix a buffer overflow in inet_parse()
1682        8ad895b Adjust CMA for software renderer in more cases
1683        8f80824 MIPS32: Ranchu: Change default cpu to 74Kf
1684        dd58cc8 Move network-related globals to AndroidEmu
1685        dd13e08e android::SerialLine: Inject QEMU2 implementation at runtime.
1686        8a32791 [qemu2] Change exit to error return in ram_block_add.
1687        fc8e986 console: Validate GPS longitude and latitude values.
1688        ec1d01d Qemu2: resize userdata-qemu.img if requested
1689        6f3f50c Use loopback interface for lookup in "redir del"
1690        3e659ea Fix the 'rotate' console command
1691        6f4c709 [Console] Fix a crash in the console "event send" command.
1692        272612a [gpu on] Fix the hang with qemu2 arm images and gpu on
1693        3c1320a Implement the gsm data and gsm voice commands.
1694        f524d40 Added support for some console commands before auth
1695        e030f38 Emulator console requires authentication
1696        4853f8d Clamp hw.cpu.cores to 16 on Windows.
1697        8ac2d81 android-qemu2-glue: ensure arm xml linked for gdbstub
1698        fc5fcaf gdb: provide the name of the architecture in the target.xml
1699        d9443c0 gdbstub: Fix buffer overflows in gdb_handle_packet()
1700        6953a7d Add GDB qAttached support
1701        6b357c2 gdbstub: Introduce an is is_query_packet helper
1702        776c951 gdbstub: Fix qOffsets packet detection
1703        86deb71 gdbstub: avoid possible NULL pointer dereference
1704        3eab98b [pipe] Get rid of another linear list traversal on pipe commands
1705        9a1f939 [pipe] Skip the non-pending pipes when responding a wake request
1706        9e4e182 [qemu2] Use hash map for a pipe by channel lookup
1707        2962e8f arm64: enalbe audio support on qemu
1708        93d4bdc [gl][Qemu2]Update the opengles pipe initialization function call
1709        df93f0b [adb] Disable Nagle algorithm on the adb server socket
1710        acc4ba9 [gl] Qemu2-related cleanups
1711        af11d99 [win] Die on ctrl-C if emulator's hanging
1712        e328710 Remove USE_ANDROID_EMU + Fix upstream build.
1713        9675147 Complement patch for serial port parameter refactoring.
1714        8698af8 [ui] Display the current GPS location
1715        288dfeb QEMU2 Glue: Use AndroidEmu to generate kernel command-line parameters.
1716        9719252 Make multitouch input more stable.
1717        f6c050a [leaks] Don't double allocate a string for metrics assignment
1718        8764e1b Setup qemu2 console agents.
1719        46e3f86 [leaks] Deallocate the ini file object used for hw.ini creation
1720        7b332de [leaks] Delete the thread looper on thread exit (qemu2)
1721        2cac867 [UI] Enable the arrow keys regardless of D-pad.
1722        5000258 Fix automatic adb_port detection
1723        26d36e5 [update-check] Qemu2 part - remove the config dir parameter
1724        5a99b9f Add support for -report-console in QEMU2
1725        9bca637 Add support for -port and -ports to QEMU2
1726        e76e522 Fix ARM64 boot: Check TARGET_ARM64 #ifdef before TARGET_ARM
1727        88e18ec [emulib] Qemu2 - StudioHelper cleanup
1728        5824cf0 Fix typo declaring the QEMU cpu type for 32-bit ARM.
1729        a6ac4e4 Implement android::base::VmLock for QEMU2 glue.
1730        bd4aa36 Move Android-specific network related constants.
1731        528a29a qemu2: -writable-system support for API > 15
1732        e384e69 qemu2: Parse UI command line options
1733        e18a280 Move UI-related command-line option parsing code to AndroidEmu.
1734        60ab290 [android] main.cpp: Use AndroidEmu for command-line parsing.
1735        e3324ef hw/mips/mips_ranchu.c: Fix boot using kernel with built-in DTB
1736        68fd37f target-mips: Fix TLB Refill exception interpreter
1737        1719b42 Fix boot for API <= 15
1738        32e2066 [Crash] Add thread safety to Qemu2's adb implementation
1739        48e1f9d Remove LOCAL_GENERATE_SYMBOLS variable from build
1740        e525d23 [Crash] Assert in adb_server_close()
1741        addc5ab goldfish_events: Remove AndroidEmu dependencies.
1742        949d949 goldfish_events: Rename gf_XXX to goldfish_XXX
1743        1ac9949 vl.c: Refine hax support code a little.
1744        d5c4a49 qemu-char.c: Minor change recv() to read()
1745        a31e925 trace-events: minor formatting
1746        a095bde goldfish_fb: Remove USE_ANDROID_EMU usage.
1747        786a29f Move opengl_{recv,send}_all() to android_pipe_opengles.c
1748        72f83d5 Enable 32-ARM qemu-android build.
1749        99b087f Remove linux-x86 source files.
1750        eb043d8 Stable sort order for source file lists.
1751        7f802bf Update Help:About to show how ADB can find this device
1752        d2bf902 Fix build.
1753        9be50e4 Remove support for dynamic skins
1754        4737d23 qemu-setup.c: Exit properly on android_emulation_setup() errors.
1755        5cd2b6a Fix build for mips
1756        1ef42eb Generate from upstream build lists.
1757        21c7af6 Fix upstream build.
1758        1ba93fd Remove android::base::String, use std::string instead.
1759        68c5059 android/console.h: Introduce AndroidConsoleAgents.
1760        f8ca644 [main] Stop loading custom keysets.
1761        fa7b157 [Crash] Qemu2 - report the kvm errors with crash handler
1762        cd6af68 [Metrics] Add api level to the reported metrics
1763        a734773 Fix build
1764        dc98eef Add host GPU info to metrics. [QEMU2]
1765        34069d1 Fix crashes when accessing null pipe
1766        50325d1 Make GPU blacklist testing easier. [QEMU2]
1767        3895335 Present GPU blacklist status as a window. [QEMU2]
1768        ea6b534 Detect and force software on crashy GPU's [QEMU2]
1769        9ff082d Allow switch to software GPU when a GPU crash is being reported
1770        aa56448 [qemu2] Report qemu version separately from the emulator ver
1771        b2a9e85 [qemu2] replace abort() with crash handler call in thread
1772        6da1528 Show error message and exit when not enough memory
1773        0e70741 Fix unicode file path support build issues
1774        75936af Support unicode file paths on Windows
1775        e677d91 [qemu2] Change exit() to a return in configure_accelerator()
1776        62bd0e4 Disable framebuffer_update_display if gpu host is used
1777        1a8654c Enable webcam commandline params
1778        294500e Fix hax sign conversion when using large ram sizes
1779        ef66479 Instrument to catch crashes in tcp_output (part B)
1780        bd66ad9 Limit VM memory to maximum HAXM memory
1781        ec204ef Error out when isa_bus_new fails
1782        4083c60 Instrument to catch crashes in tcp_output
1783        4a34149 [main] Disable unsupported QEMU2 flags.
1784        5816144 [Qemu2] Add AVD and HAX info to crash reports
1785        0c0551e Add function to retrieve maximum HAX RAM size
1786        7d4ea66 [qemu2] Upload command line and environment with the crash
1787        017919a Report crashes on exit from 'adb emu kill'
1788        7ca00c5 [Crash] Clean up the framebuffer pointer in DCL before it is freed
1789        b5c4e19 Fix documentation for -gpu guest CMA.
1790        30aa677 -gpu guest: account for high resolutions
1791        70bbfec Support ANDROID_ADB_SERVER_PORT env variable
1792        e3c6a32 [qemu2] Really initialize process on the main thread.
1793        bb61f10 [qemu2] Route Ctrl-C event to EmulatorQtWindow::closeRequest.
1794        464fd9c qemu2 Fix handling of "-prop xxx=yyy" on the command line
1795        4a1e925 Skip skin display initialization in no-window mode
1796        a76fa53 Suppress 'could not lock' messages on exit
1797        cfd3d4f [Crash] Show an error message about VirtualBox when Hax sync fails (qemu2)
1798        138295a [qemu2] Update metrics setup to include adb liveness ping.
1799        59e623e Remove QemuLooper's mFdWatches for qemu2
1800        734cbb3 Document Windows -gpu mesa boot animation off hack
1801        f3b8659 Windows - Fix booting >=1080p AVDs with -gpu mesa
1802        42da86e Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Add locks to pipe access and adjust pipe access order""""
1803        582baf6 Avoid adding too many watchers for adb server data
1804        6e8051b Disable goldfish framebuffer write when using host gpu
1805        f699f01 ui qemu2: Eliminate crash when entering trackball mode
1806        bf6dc3f android: Move android_base_port definition.
1807        24d1db2 android: Move main-android.cpp to android-qemu2-glue/main.cpp
1808        ad34c13 android: Remove duplicate android_console_rotate() implementations.
1809        061dcd2 Adding qemu2 console crash command
1810        191c2df Add io watch for adb server data on every second
1811        99bd8d9 main-android.cpp: Allow SMP support for Intel only
1812        9543029 Revert "Revert "Revert "Add locks to pipe access and adjust pipe access order"""
1813        f06ca74 Revert "Revert "Add locks to pipe access and adjust pipe access order""
1814        9b46646 Revert "Add locks to pipe access and adjust pipe access order"
1815        108771f Add locks to pipe access and adjust pipe access order
1816        26f2e84 metrics: Also report host os.
1817        cba6eef [Qemu2] Don't exit() on hax cpu sync failure, just return instead
1818        aeda218 Enabling -no-window support in the qemu2 engine
1819        847c6dc Fix upstream QEMU2 build.
1820        63bab03 Add support for multiple DNS servers
1821        dea0f48 [Qemu2] Add support for http proxy
1822        e88923f Revert "Increase pre-UI boot speed on OS X"
1823        eaf5676 Revert "Increase boot speed on OS X."
1824        50056df target-i386: HAX: Avoid mapping duplicate memory slots
1825        a9c4423 Add -wipe-data to qemu2
1826        e0e7dba support -port in qemu2
1827        530672e [Qemu2] Get rid of most obvious exit() calls in qemu2
1828        9b9ae52 Fix back on typing '99' in QEMU2
1829        9592276 [Qemu2] Make /dev/kvm/ fd close on exec #2
1830        5b6ba7d Enables multitouch.
1831        dc6c4c0 [Ui] Update qemu2 because init_sdl_ui() is now ui_init()
1832        d25ce35 [Qemu2] Made a qemu version message prettier
1833        5a988ec [Qemu2] Pass the emulator version to UpdateChecker
1834        69f43c1 build: Remove ANDROID_EMU_STATIC_LIBRARIES_QEMU2
1835        961fdc9 [qemu2] Cleanup the console messages - fix line endings
1836        08d07ad [qemu2] Fix readline implementation to correctly handle rn
1837        353f531 Use the new android/emulator-common-ui.h header.
1838        2d7875c build: Rename HOST_OS and HOST_ARCH
1839        9e43b0a build: Use common UI library instead of rebuilding from sources.
1840        ac0a376 Fix build.
1841        9fb9687 Remove obsolete CONFIG_QT define.
1842        182cc3f [Qemu2] Fix the monitor implementation in Qemu2
1843        c3f6617 [Mac] Fix the HAXM memory leak when launching child process
1844        3aedb91 build: Cleanup build rules.
1845        7958a09 Enable support for netspeed, netdelay and netfast
1846        01b9789 [Qemu2] Mount the system image as read-only
1847        c831b65 Add gsm command to qemu2 console
1848        845baed Fix lock after destroy in coreaudio
1849        c30b7fa [qemu2] Move the metrics uploading into separate thread
1850        557b4c4 Disable netspeed for qemu2
1851        ca37af3 Add cdma command to qemu2's console
1852        9aca733 Enable generating breakpad symbols for Qemu2
1853        2748efb Add sms command to qemu2 console
1854        8dcaac8 Apply clang-format to android-console.c
1855        a8430a6 Add geo and finger commands to qemu2's console
1856        f32ed14 Fix QEMU2 HW keyboard
1857        af2743d Breakpad integration for qemu2
1858        e6c768d Configure kernel parameters correctly on start
1860        bcba067 ui: Recents button in QEMU2
1861        44500c9 Remove minor compiler warnings
1862        8f4b294 Fix leaked AConfig.
1863        d827214 Fix Windows build.
1864        2b92f1f build: Remove support for SDL-based emulator UI
1865        bc1a34f mips-ranchu.c: fix the wrong port number in the title bar
1866        1d90f0b Qemu2: ranchu backend support for mips32
1867        9180ffd [Qemu2] Fixed upstream build
1868        82f58a7 Add cellular support.
1869        e7c74cf Support Nexus 5X DPI
1870        17e59df Increase pre-UI boot speed on OS X
1871        a943a22 Revert "Revert "Add GSM support.""
1872        fc3bbea QEMU2 ui: Query battery status to populate the battery UI page
1873        f83960f Fix OS X startup kill loop on x86_64 images
1874        c0fbe74 Fix OS X crash on startup with qemud=1/GSM
1875        98ec2e2 Revert "Add GSM support."
1876        a2a974f Increase boot speed on OS X.
1877        529668f Enable sensor support.
1878        f207407 Add GSM support.
1879        be9628a [Qemu2] Enable the update checker and metric reporting
1880        72d4413 [Qemu2] Use the common VERSION_STRING from AndroidEmu
1881        b17ffde GPS support should be under USE_ANDROID_EMU.
1882        5d1073e Add gps support.
1883        8c0260b [Qemu2] Reduce the input latency because of timer waiting
1884        27ddd94 QEMU2 camera support
1885        7355d17 [Qemu2] Fix the 'port 0' in the title bar
1886        2a5d762 Support true color framebuffers.
1887        dac5ef9 [Qemu2] Delay the bh creation in Qemu2-specific Looper code
1888        e9a9a1c Fix build.
1889        8f180d0 Qemu2: Honor hardware buttons config setting
1890        a90d7e1 Qemu2: fix locking on ReadConsoleInput() on Windows
1891        0b111cd Fix qemu2+qt booting on windows
1892        24a8b01 Remove un-needed directory.
1893        768b782 Resize userdata images to the size specified in avd
1894        fef0acf Clean up unused list in android_pipe
1895        9629ddf Mac OS X booting error fix
1896        e20b309 Fix GPU lock/adb flakiness with smp > 1
1897        d1403e8 Fix adb flakiness on backend side
1898        d059b2b Qemu2: qemu2 part of restoring the faster ADB in qemu2
1899        9732aef Qemu2: rename the qemu2 version of adb initialization function
1900        969f50a Qemu2: set the ranchu option unconditionally
1901        fecd96b Qemu2: Honor VM heapsize in config.ini
1902        896383b Enable guest-side GPU emulation.
1903        1e154c4 Call qemu_looper_setForThread() in qemu_thread_create().
1904        7022862 Fix: Call setForThread when using HAX
1905        316621d [Qemu2 qt] Implementation of skinning and Qt UI for Linux
1906        6932932 Qemu2: renamed a function which clashed with AndroidEmu
1907        47717fb [Qemu2 qt] Changes in the .sources generation script
1908        b6e5cbf Fix the regression on qemu2+GPU with sdl2
1909        2103fc4 Fix GPU lockup: Don't spin on EAGAIN.
1910        b55e4b1 Darwin: Fix list of QEMU2 library dependencies.
1911        e33336f Darwin: Remove CONFIG_VNC_SASL from config-host.h
1912        3595e69 build: Fix darwin-x86_64 config to use SDL2.0 backend
1913        e8a13f2 [Qemu2 qt] Added DisplayUpdateListener to qemu2
1914        b34a421 [Qemu2 qt] cpu-common.h C++ compatibility
1915        208a6b8 [Qemu2 qt] Add 'const' to loc_set_cmdline() function parameter
1916        0901f89 [Qemu2 qt] Make timer.h c++ compartible
1917        aba9290 [Qemu2 qt] Added a callback version of battery status getter
1918        60d1a32 [Qemu2 qt] Renamed some C++ keyword-named variables
1919        3ceecb5 [Qemu2 qt] Renamed socket functions clashing with AndroidEmu
1920        b378bc2 Support building QEMU2 from the emulator's build system.
1921        11524d0 Add missing cpu_synchronize_state() hook for HAX
1922        8b6936b target-i386: hax: Fix crash in hax_log_sync()
1923        f75173f Fix slow boot issue on OS X
1924        58a4e73 Get qemu2 gpu emulation to work on windows
1925        12649f4 Need to find proper solution that does not have negative effect.
1926        e9f94f9 Fixes the QEMU2 emulator rendering pipeline.
1927        098465e Temporary fix: adb connection to qemu2 avd flaky
1928        f289a00 Support Nexus 6 DPI
1930    $ cd external/gtest && git log --oneline --no-merges b91418b..f52a103 .
1931        f52a103 Revert "Disable the legacy gtest."
1932        0af8635 Disable the legacy gtest.
1933        5e5723a Remove deprecated files
1934        1d8db72 gtest: Add support for std::unique_ptr bool conversion
1935        4c0e47a Allow libgtest on unbundled builds
1936        2a1db29 Update Android.bp to match
1937        49f2bfa Allow libgtest_prod on Windows.
1938        9ba217a Update sanitize property format
1939        87cecf0 Revert "Revert "Add libgtest_prod.""
1940        9409446 Update Android.bp to match
1941        a335cab Add gtest libs for all NDK STLs.
1942        baa71b2 Revert "Add libgtest_prod."
1943        18d1e9c Add libgtest_prod.
1944        81cb746 Implement GetThreadCount for Linux.
1945        34114d4 Implement GetThreadCount for Linux.
1946        b6335c0 Remove extra cc_test options
1947        f463507 Fix gtest soong unbundled builds
1948        f0f8f7a Android.bp: Move from src&test to top level
1949        8f7edf5 external/gtest: Add Android.bp files
1950        7f4fe57 add gtest to darwin and windows whitelist for adb_test
1951        cf861d2 package version metadata for external/
1952        e826aa4 Allow to build host gtest libraries in unbundled build.