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1This is a Android Toolchain benchmark suite.
3Where to find this suite:
4	This suite locates at toolchain/benchmark under Android repository tree.
6To use this suite:
7	1. Configure the basic envrionment in env_setting file.
9	2. Run ./, which will:
10		1) Create non-existing benchmarks in the Android tree. Apply
11		patch to some benchmarks to make them workable to the suite.
13		2) Apply patch autotest.diff to android_root/external/autotest,
14		which includes all the test scripts for benchmarks. Copy
15		testcases to related autotest directory.
17	   If you have applied the patch partially or hope to discard all the
18	   patches, just run ./
20	3. Build and run benchmark on the device using ./ You can either
21	use test configuration file (-t test_config), or set all the variables
22	manually.
24	4. The raw results locate at bench_result_* in bench suite home
25	directory.
27	5. The JSON format result will be generated for crosperf report.
29Utility tools:
30	1. Autotest is a test framework located in android exteranl/autotest
31		Before first time running it, please run
32		utils/ first to ensure all the environments
33		and tools needed are installed.
35	2. Crosperf is a report generating tool in ChromeOS toolchain
36	utilities, which has a mirror at external/toolchain-utils in Android
37	tree.