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Revision tags: android-11.0.0_r8, android-11.0.0_r7, m/android-11.0.0_r8, android-vts-10.0_r5, android-vts-11.0_r1, android-security-11.0.0_r1, android-platform-11.0.0_r1, android-cts-11.0_r1, android-11.0.0_r5, android-11.0.0_r4, android-11.0.0_r3, android-11.0.0_r2, android-11.0.0_r1, platform-tools-30.0.4, android-mainline-11.0.0_r2, android-r-beta-3, android-r-beta-2, android-mainline-11.0.0_r1, platform-tools-30.0.3, platform-tools-30.0.2, android-mainline-10.0.0_r11, platform-tools-30.0.1, platform-tools-30.0.0, android-r-preview-4, android-r-preview-3, android-r-preview-2
# db5c45b4 20-Feb-2020 George Burgess IV

Merge "fortify: simplify strlen for LLVM's new optimization"

# 3d74451c 19-Feb-2020 Mitch Phillips

Merge "[GWP-ASan] [heapprofd] Use ephemeral dispatch table when death prof."

# 47ddeb1a 18-Feb-2020 Kiyoung Kim

Merge "Deprecate sys.linker.use_generated_config property"

# 3597b067 15-Feb-2020 Elliott Hughes

Merge "Remove dead code."

# 56a9fda6 14-Feb-2020 Elliott Hughes

Remove dead code.

We haven't built any of this for years.

Test: treehugger
Change-Id: I3f8a85e9530af68587f47931d850eb60631a9481

Revision tags: platform-tools-29.0.6, android-r-preview-1
# bdb678c9 03-Feb-2020 Tom Cherry

Merge "Add an end-to-end property benchmark."

Revision tags: android-vts-9.0_r14, android-vts-9.0_r13, android-vts-9.0_r12, android-cts-9.0_r13, android-cts-9.0_r12, android-cts-9.0_r11, android-vts-10.0_r4, android-vts-10.0_r3, android-cts-10.0_r5, android-cts-10.0_r4, android-cts-10.0_r3, android-mainline-10.0.0_r6, android-mainline-10.0.0_r8, platform-tools-29.0.5, ndk-r21d, ndk-r21c, ndk-r21b, ndk-r21-rc1, ndk-r21-beta2, ndk-r21-beta1, ndk-r21, android-vts-10.0_r2, android-cts-10.0_r2, platform-tools-29.0.4, platform-tools-29.0.3, android-cts-9.0_r9, android-cts-9.0_r10, platform-tools-29.0.2
# 3975431a 17-Jul-2019 Elliott Hughes

Merge "Add avx2 version of wmemset in binoic"

Revision tags: android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.14, android-vts-10.0_r1, android-cts-10.0_r1, android-10.0.0_r6, android-10.0.0_r5, android-10.0.0_r47, android-10.0.0_r46, android-10.0.0_r4, android-10.0.0_r3, android-10.0.0_r2, android-10.0.0_r17, android-10.0.0_r11, android-10.0.0_r10, android-10.0.0_r1, android-10.0.0_r9, android-10.0.0_r8, android-10.0.0_r7, android-10.0.0_r14, android-10.0.0_r13, android-10.0.0_r12, android-10.0.0_r29, android-10.0.0_r28, android-10.0.0_r27, android-10.0.0_r26, android-10.0.0_r25, android-10.0.0_r24, android-10.0.0_r23, android-10.0.0_r22, android-10.0.0_r21, android-10.0.0_r20, android-10.0.0_r19, android-10.0.0_r18, android-10.0.0_r16, android-10.0.0_r15, android-mainline-10.0.0_r3, android-mainline-10.0.0_r2, android-mainline-10.0.0_r1, android-mainline-10.0.0_r9, android-mainline-10.0.0_r7, android-mainline-10.0.0_r5, android-mainline-10.0.0_r4, android-mainline-10.0.0_r10, android-10.0.0_r45, android-10.0.0_r44, android-10.0.0_r43, android-10.0.0_r42, android-10.0.0_r41, android-10.0.0_r40, android-10.0.0_r39, android-10.0.0_r38, android-10.0.0_r37, android-10.0.0_r36, android-10.0.0_r35, android-10.0.0_r34, android-10.0.0_r33, android-10.0.0_r32, android-10.0.0_r31, android-10.0.0_r30
# b2bd7c57 24-Jun-2019 Elliott Hughes

Merge "libnetd_client: support hooking sendto/sendmsg/sendmmsg too."

# 36bc9227 21-Jun-2019 George Burgess IV

Merge changes I33957ad4,I02f8f87d,Iba04e486

* changes:
fortify: replace bzero/bcmp defines
fortify: add __mempcpy_chk
fortify: fix overflow checks in unistd

# 3bdeae78 21-Jun-2019 George Burgess IV

Merge changes I557309b3,If5f47e0e

* changes:
fortify: add even more warnings
fortify: fix up a few diagnostics; add __wur to realpath

# 1b297b9e 19-Jun-2019 George Burgess IV

Merge changes I80475ff4,I894aec99

* changes:
fortify: add bit checking for open(at)?64 functions
fortify: add diagnostics for str* functions

# bf75fba9 19-Jun-2019 Elliott Hughes

Merge "Remove reference to obsolete script." am: 5c0d6677ee
am: 33b2e3d7bc

Change-Id: Ie1b05e65d36140b09610662030b2c22f04905b6c

# 7ac0023c 18-Jun-2019 Elliott Hughes

Remove reference to obsolete script.

Test: N/A
Change-Id: I3f4b8574d82cf6b2faedd03a256bc75130f3c016

Revision tags: android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.13, android-vts-9.0_r11, android-vts-9.0_r10, platform-tools-29.0.1
# e732449c 18-May-2019 Christopher Ferris

Temporarily disable unwind through signal test.
am: fe0fbcff7f

Change-Id: I888bdb87deacf136d64d63c44448fc54fdf2cfa6

# c130abdd 09-May-2019 Christopher Ferris

Merge "Add removed platform functions used by apps." into qt-dev
am: 51ad27180b

Change-Id: I1a143ab32bd0f064d77844b4435afa1e614df132

Revision tags: android-o-mr1-iot-release-1.0.12
# f96e450f 03-May-2019 Christopher Ferris

Fix malloc_info missing large allocs.
am: 125d32cb46

Change-Id: Ide2680c0fa59c2b9805f12045047cf1e6ab9f7eb

# 0cd818a3 29-Apr-2019 Tom Cherry

Merge "Allow device launched before Q to use legacy OEM AID value"

# 6d89c1b7 29-Apr-2019 Neil Fuller

Merge "Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic" am: f5eaea32b6
am: b87effbbdf

Change-Id: I7a685d6f0d8b46a650f215827626ac8807f2d23f

# f5eaea32 29-Apr-2019 Neil Fuller

Merge "Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic"

# a7db90f3 25-Apr-2019 Neil Fuller

Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic

Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic from core-libart.

The file is not used by code but is useful on device to identify

Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic

Move /system dependency on tz_version to bionic from core-libart.

The file is not used by code but is useful on device to identify
the format / version / origin of the tzdata file. The
tz_version file identifies the Android release (e.g. 3.1 == Q), which
implies the version of zic used to generate tzdata, and any Android
revision of the tzdata (e.g. 2019a v2) that may have taken place. The
file was previously used by by the tzdatacheck binary but it has since
switched to using the copy in the runtime module.

The bionic README.md is also updated here to reflect latest locations of

Bug: 131239046
Test: make installclean / make droid / inspect /system
Change-Id: Ib142f98aa30c8c9d5eda33df55d4191478570ced

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# 1311545b 23-Apr-2019 Elliott Hughes

Merge "Reland ifuncs for strcmp and strlen."

# 401e2efa 23-Apr-2019 Treehugger Robot

Merge "Only write main library's RELRO by default."

# b2507662 23-Apr-2019 Ryan Prichard

Merge "PIMutexUnlock: load owner_tid in non-common case"

# f32e1a1f 23-Apr-2019 Ryan Prichard

Merge "Comment about lock destruction and unlocking"

# b7a457bb 20-Apr-2019 Christopher Ferris

Move all leak info functions to android_mallopt.
am: 2601d43459

Change-Id: Ife48de83fbfbb8ef0c28a259727bf66dcb33de56